BROCK – “Zone”

 BROCK – “Zone”

BROCK – “Zone” – Music Video Post

Could it be?  Our all-caps madman went with a rare lower-case posting this time around as he takes it up a notch in 2023?  Is our boy here growing up?  Is this BROCK becoming a professional?  Is BROCK turning over a new leaf to start the new year?  Is it purely coincidental?  I wouldn’t get ready to bet your whole fortunes on any of that just yet, but I can confirm that things are certainly looking and sound real good over there in BROCK-land once again.  Kickin’ things off with his new single “Zone” to get 2023 goin’ on all the right notes, BROCK’s latest cut is a virtual trip into the beyond, giving you a digitalized voyage into the mind’s eye via the whole VR craze onscreen, while fully jamming your frequencies with pure audible entertainment for your ears to enjoy.  No surprise to us here at SBS that the man has come out swinging for the fence and cracks the bat with a solid homerun right at the beginning of the year – BROCK has long proven to be an Electro-wizard of the highest caliber with music that hits different for all the right reasons, and while he seems like he shouldn’t be able to raise the stakes much further, he somehow continually finds a way.  A proven innovator, a master producer, and an artist in every sense of the word – BROCK has started up 2023 firing on all cylinders once again with a stellar single/video that is certain to tantalize your system.

Check out “Zone” and see what the man has been up to, and be ready for what’s likely certain to be another BROCK-filled year as he continues to surge through the scene with a selection of bold Electro cuts that are the very definition of entertainment.  The dude knows how to create engaging music on every level & supports those tunes of his with something equally eye-catching in his videos every time – peep “Zone” for yourself below yo!

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