BROCK – “WING” – Music Video Post

Ooooo!  There we go…some of that genuine flashy and ultra-dynamic shit from BROCK, just the way we like it here.  I got a series of messages and pictures just the other day about his dude possibly buying a whole church to rock his new music in?  Appropriately calling it “The House Of Brock?”  I was surprised to find that wasn’t written in ALL-CAPS like he normally does.  Is it true?  Did he buy an entire church to make his beats in?  Who the fuck knows y’all…BROCK is way more mythical than most will ever be.  I’ll put it to ya this way…it’s not outside of the realm of possibility…you really never know with this guy.  I have no reason to doubt him, yet I have no ability to prove his church-buying as the gospel truth either.

Anyhow!  P-H-A-T beats…you know he’s got’em – that part, we’re sure of.  It’s just like I’ve always claimed throughout the history of these pages of ours – music is the only truth I’ve ever known.  Everything else is just noise, images, and words to me…and if you’re as much of a subscriber to Simulation Theory as I am, the world simply gets less and less real every day.  Music started real, and it has stayed real, and in some cases, like listening to BROCK, it has certainly even been realer than real.  Even when he’s got his videos based in the virtual world like “WING” is, it’s still real as real can be.  You all following me?  This all make any sense to ya?  Good!  Turn this right the fuck on UP as you should be then!  “WING” is a short track that I’d have taken another ten minutes of easily…BROCK’s been goin’ in that minimalist direction with sound & length lately…but this track has at the very least responded by going with a MAXIMUM vibe you’re sure to feel.  I mean…if you’ve got this up as loud as I do here in the studio, believe me, you can DEFINITELY feel this track…I’m shaking the motherfuckin’ walls over here yo!

It’s never any huge surprise to hear BROCK excelling in his craft and thriving within the art he’s been creating, but it sure sounds damn good every time to confirm it!  “WING” might be short, but it sure makes you want plenty more of it…and from the looks of things with it racking up thousands upon thousands of views & clicks each day since its official release, BROCK has given the people what they want once again, and verifiable reasons to return from sight to sound.  The man does what he does with relentless professionalism – “WING” is more confirmation of his true all-star status in the Electro realm.

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