BROCK – “ZONE (Minimal)”

 BROCK – “ZONE (Minimal)”

BROCK – “ZONE (Minimal)” – Music Video Post

There we go…back to normal on the posting front…was worried for a moment when we posted “Zone” yesterday here at our pages that the caps-lock was broken on BROCK’s computer, and that just won’t do now will it?  How would we know it was him without the use of ALL CAPS, ALL THE TIME, AM I RIGHT?

I mean…we COULD go by the kickassery of his music…that would quite likely be another way to tell, at least in my opinion.  When you’ve heard as much as I have, believe me, BROCK’s actually got quite a bit of tangible identity in his music…he doesn’t NEED the ALL CAPS method – he just prefers it, that’s all.  When it comes to the cuts he creates, you can always hear the similarities in the seamless way he produces his tracks, the clarity you’ll find within them, and the crystalline qualities of the sound selection he likes to use in his audio palette.  You’ll find the occasional wildly dynamic & energetic track from him here & there, but for the most part BROCK really digs a more laidback & controlled type of Electro-based sound, which he excels at creating, and that’s what you’ll find in “ZONE (Minimal).”  The man knows how to generate chilled-out digital vibes…it’s a gift he’s got and BROCK knows how to use it.

Whether he goes minimalistic like he has on “ZONE” for this variation of his latest single, or not – you always get maximum quality in a BROCK tune, every time.  By far one of the most consistent artists out there in any corner of the scene today, it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to listen to his music develop and see his career continue to thrive out there…and I’d expect BIG things from BROCK again in 2023.

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