MC Shep – “Still Crushin’” Feat. Lynnette

 MC Shep – “Still Crushin’” Feat. Lynnette

MC Shep – “Still Crushin’” Feat. Lynnette – Music Video Post

“Still Crushin’” indeed!  MC Shep and Lynnette deserve to dominate your playlist with this one for real.

Slick and stylistic vibes, with personality that can be heard in every move they make from the music to the microphone, this is collaboration creates straight fire from the speakers to the screen.  MC Shep has set the table with a stellar idea, irresistible hooks, and a sound that’s genuinely fun to listen to – and Lynnette came along swingin’ big with confidence & charisma to knock it straight on outta the park from there.  No joke folks – “Still Crushin’” is undeniable entertainment that everyone is sure to agree on.

From the jazzy swagger in this song and sound of MC Shep’s keyboard, to the vibrantly soulful attitude in Lynnette’s voice, “Still Crushin’” should become your personal anthem as you strut down the street to handle your business wherever you go.  You wanna feel the like the BOSS or the BEAUTY that you are?  Put this track on loud & proud y’all…you’ll genuinely feel like you can conquer the world twice over with “Still Crushin’” as your official soundtrack.  Your ears instinctively know when they hear a collaboration that’s in full effect, and that’s exactly what this is “without a doubt” – so “don’t even trip” and tune into this new single from MC Shep and Lynnette!  Not because I’m tellin’ ya to, but because you deserve to treat yourself right, you dig?  I would definitely be lookin’ into what’s happenin’ over at MC Shep’s label Toptenbeats Music if I were you – and beyond that, you can fully count me among the people already looking forward to another collaboration between these two superstars right here.  “Still Crushin’” it without question y’all!  This is a pairing of talent that completely works from start to finish, and I for one, certainly hope it continues.

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