D.A BIZ – “Mood”

 D.A BIZ – “Mood”

D.A BIZ – “Mood” – Music Video Post

Slick stuff from D.A BIZ onscreen in this video for “Mood” that has just recently been released.  Built on cross-cultural vibes and a colorfully rhythmic groove, the smooth vocals of D.A BIZ and stylistic way he moves onscreen make for a perfect pairing that’s sure to entertain.

From what you’ll learn about the video through the official posting, what you’ll see in the visuals of this single aim to be “a reminder to appreciate the little things in life and never give up hope,” with a storyline that is loosely based around a girl that’s stuck at home simply wishing she could be out with her friends.  If we’re being real about it though, it’s a plotline that has essentially been constructed to give the main star of the show a whole lot of screen-time.  What can I say?  I call it like I see it y’all.  What I can tell ya, is that whether or not you feel like the plotline behind the scenes of “Mood” connects as much as it should from point-A to point-B or not, the video itself is still a whole lot of fun to watch.  Great use of effects and transitions as it moves D.A BIZ from scene to scene – the visuals are stellar all the way through, and pretty much guaranteed to get people watching while they have a listen.  And ain’t that what a music video is supposed to do?  Last I checked, that’s the sole purpose of’em…so you gotta salute D.A BIZ for being highly effective in that regard.  A lot of the outside locations where he’s shot this video are awesome just to look at…from the vibrant graffiti on the walls to the character of the buildings in the alleyway behind him…he’s got this video set in a real beautiful place.  Which is likely somewhere in Venice, Italy, where he’s currently based out of…at least as far as I know from what I’ve been able to see online through his social media.  Dancin’ it up right there in the city streets, and sittin’ in the big man’s chair completely bossed UP – D.A BIZ has put a high dose of style into his sound, and created a genuinely addictive vibe to go along with his brand-new video.  “Mood” ends up being a truly unique experience from sight to sound, that features a whole lot of crossover potential at the heart of it all.  D.A BIZ makes it real easy to dig on what he’s up to here, and I’d assume that the people out there listening & watching will have no problem at all getting into this single & turning it up where it belongs.  You can tell this was a lot of fun for D.A BIZ to create, and he passes on that feeling to us as we watch – that’s always a great way to get people into your music, and certainly a great way to keep’em as fans.

Find out more about D.A BIZ at his official pages below!

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dabizfirm

Instagram:  https://z-p4.www.instagram.com/dabiz_firm

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/daddy-biz

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/577MvXsfnNMMzkP0K75DXk

Multi-link:  https://bit.ly/Dabizlinkz

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