ZAYI.P – “Pray For Me”

 ZAYI.P – “Pray For Me”

ZAYI.P – “Pray For Me” – Music Video Post

Busting moves all the way from Paris, France, ZAYI.P has been working hard for the past several years, getting his debut record ready for ya.  From 2020 on forward, he’s been releasing singles on the way to his first full album, including the cuts like “Show Me,” “l’odeur du sang,” “nou ben pa fika, the record’s title-track “Welwitschia Mirabilis,” & this single called “Pray For Me,” along with its official video as well.  Lots of positives & achievements on ZAYI.P’s journey to Welwitschia Mirabilis – and now it’s finally out at long last!

Dude’s got great energy and a solid vibe you can count on.  He’s right out on the water living the life of a superstar just chillin’ on the dock spittin’ rhymes & R&B hooks…and the man sure makes it all look good!  Fueled by the soulful hooks in the chorus on “Pray For Me,” the enticing charisma that he puts into his words, and the enchanting beat that this single contains, you can tell that ZAYI.P has set himself up with everything he needs to succeed and carve out his own place on your playlist.  Making world-music that connects from the stylistically slick design of the sound to the sincerely personality of the man behind the microphone, ZAYI.P has put the work in to make sure a single/video like “Pray For Me” creates the impact that it should, and reaches an audience that stretches right around the globe.  It’s an undeniably catchy song that seems filled with meaningful messages, and a vibe that’s certain to connect whether or not you speak any French yourself.  As you can tell from the title, it’s a hybrid track when it comes to the language used anyhow…so don’t you worry one bit, you’ll get your opportunity to sing along y’all.  Once you’ve had a chance to check out “Pray For Me” & the new video that ZYP Vista/ZYP Entertainment has  created to support it – make sure to swing on over to ZAYI.P’s official pages below & find out even more.

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