Cornelius Wright – “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot”

“The streets is bloody…”  – and clearly the video is too. Charisma, character, true grit, and artistic courage…these are attributes that can carry an artist one hell of a long way, and Cornelius Wright has got’em all workin’ well in his favor.  If you somehow couldn’t hear it, believe me, you’ll see it onscreen in […]Read More


Uhhhhhhhhhh oh.  Has our hero run out of gas for these fast cars he features in the videos he creates?  We’re repeatin’ BROCK’s original “BUSTANG” as “BUSTANG GT,” and with a different set of visuals now?  That’s what we’re doin’ here? Word on the street is that it’s been a tough summer for BROCK so […]Read More

OLYA K – “Waking Up In Nashville (Eggs And Bacon)”

Well it sure seems & sounds like artist OLYA K has been making moves with her music & career!  Literally – I mean it – the last time we had her up on our pages, she was putting her own star on the walk of fame in “HOLLYWOOD” – apparently she’s now made her way […]Read More

Hendren – “Hasjasjeen”

This guy right here…is onto something special. As far as the creative-types go, Hendren clearly has a lot to add to the artistic dimensions & depth out there in this music scene we share together – both visually & audibly, you’re gonna absolutely freakin’ love what this dude has come up with for his brand-new […]Read More

Sky_FP – “Mind Dance”

I tell ya folks…if I could go back in time & do it all again, I’d be making a lot more music than just writing about it.  Given that I can’t of course, I take solace in the fact that I get an opportunity to check out the actual future superstars of our musical universe […]Read More

Surrender The Hope – “192020”

Okay…hold up a second here…what did Surrender The Hope just scream at me? “You said I’m beautiful.  Will you still believe that when I wear your meat-suit as a fucking mask?” That is…graphic…to say the least!  But let’s also be real here – if you are familiar with the beastly sound of Buffalo’s Surrender The […]Read More

The Circle View – “Something Else”

The Circle View – “Something Else” – Music Video Post “Something Else” indeed!  Fantastic energy in this Chicago-based band. If you checked out the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ve already been introduced to the latest single by The Circle View, along with more of my thoughts, of course – but if you […]Read More

Psi Nide – “Frustrated” Feat. Atticus King

If you tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’re already ahead of the pack in having a listen to the latest cut from Psi Nide featuring the vocals of Atticus King, on an instrumental by ATMindset – but if you haven’t checked that out yet, no worries – still plenty of […]Read More

The Crow – “I Came To Cum”

It is official – I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud this hard at a single/video in years, or perhaps ever. This dude has a massive future – no joke. “I Came To Cum” is about EXACTLY what you’d think it’s about, because The Crow had the balls to go there.  Designed to make a […]Read More

Johan Davis – “Summer Again”

Good timing Johan, yes sir.   My gut tells me that “Summer Again” is the kind of cut that people around the globe are certainly gonna appreciate right about now.  As the world emerges from the cocoon of our isolated times, a song like this is destined to travel far & wide as listeners connect […]Read More

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