BROCK…hmmm…BROCK… …that name really does sound familiar… Oh RIGHT – it’s this guy!  The very same dude responsible for “DAAB” – “GLIDE” – “F CONCEPT” – “DISKER” – “DAMARO” – “DAHOE” – “DINGRAY” – “BHEVY” & “BEEP,” and has been dominating our pages, speakers, and screens with purely rad entertainment in all forms for months […]Read More


This dude is every bit as addicted to sheer sound as I am, and I am freakin’ HERE for it. From about October of last year, we’ve been chronicling the audible adventures of Electro-artist BROCK over the course of a whole series of singles & videos he’s been putting out to support the songs of […]Read More


For the record, as positive as I might seem to be in these posts & reviews I write here at sleepingbagstudios, the facts are that there are precious few bands & artists out there in the world who I’d consider to be able to do no wrong – and BROCK is fast becoming one of’em.  […]Read More


In case anyone’s wondering, the ‘F’ in “F Concept” stands for ‘freakin’ GENIUS’ as far as we’re concerned. But by now you know that…if you’ve been reading these pages of ours over the past couple months in posting up BROCK‘s latest cuts & videos, then you’re well familiar with the fact that I’ve been in […]Read More


This guy! Every time I turn my head, BROCK seems to have popped up with a new single/video as of late – and you better believe I’m more than willing to keep on listening whenever I find something drop online by this Electro innovator.  If you’ve been paying attention to our pages over this past […]Read More


“If you build it, they will come!” That age old wisdom is true of both this song and of BROCK‘s growing catalog of tunes gaining momentum out there in the world when it comes right down to it.  “DAMARO” has the Electro enthusiast back in action for the fifth time on our pages this month […]Read More


ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Because you really freakin’ should be by now.  I know I have been! Hopefully y’all have been paying some attention to our ALL-CAPS musical-madman BROCK on these pages of ours here in October – this dude has been lighting it UP out there on the internet with a whole series of […]Read More


This digital wizard continues to rock our world late in the year here in 2020 with music & vibes that always seem like they’re straight outta the future.  BROCK returns with a brand-new single/video called “DINGRAY” that has seriously got the spark & the sonic juice you wanna hear, and of course what’s fast becoming […]Read More


Just as promised, just as predicted in posting up his video/single for “BEEP” only days ago – BROCK returns to our pages with another spectacular dose of wild neon Electro vibes for you to enjoy from your eyeballs to your ear-holes!  Dude’s got a genuine ear for sound that is second to none and knows […]Read More


A stellar dose of supreme sound & an ultra-slick video to go along with it?  Sign us up BROCK, we’re into it! Startin’ to feel spoiled in October, we’ve had the privilege of being introduced to a bunch of killer new artists & projects bursting onto the scene late this year, and you can definitely […]Read More

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