Ooooooooooweeeeeee!  Yessir.  The man has got something real special for ya this time around. While our love for BROCK here at sleepingbagstudios is just about the worst kept secret in the industry at this point, believe me when I say, we’ll all be able to look back on these early days of the dude pushing […]Read More

BROCK – “Bustang”

You know…it’s funny…I saw the horses show up in this video and you know what my first thought was? “Makes sense to me, horses are about the only method of transportation I haven’t seen in a BROCK video so far…” and happily went right back to watching & listening to this slice from his F […]Read More


You gotta love it when BROCK gets all otherworldly & cinematic up on ya. I think…if I’m not mistaken…this right here is all-new BROCK to start your day rockin’ with that good-good Electro juice you love to supply your vitamin M(usic).  The facts are, you gotta keep tight tabs on this dude right now…every time […]Read More


It’s Monday morning y’all…and you know what that means for so many of ya out there – time to get back to the grind!  Sure as hell shouldn’t stop ya from starting up your day & week on all the right notes; and to help you all out there with that, we’ve got one of […]Read More


Well holy shiznat would ya look at that – BROCK’s rockin’ for eight-plus minutes on “BUCKIT” this time, after dropping a sample-slice on us all last time we featured him up on our pages with a clip of his cut “ANUBIS.”  Our hero of CAPITAL LETTERS and all-out audible awesomeness returns once again here in […]Read More


Well, well, well…what DO we have here BROCK? Aside from his single “BADASS” released earlier this year, technically we started listening to BROCK post-release of his first two records, Without Boundaries and F Concept – which makes this cut “ANUBIS” the second track that gives us some insight into the future of what’s to come […]Read More


This dude is always up to something, you gotta love it. In fact, if you were to look at the man’s page at YouTube right now, you’ll see all kinds of audio & visual awesomeness already scheduled & set to premiere throughout the month.  No one out there knows too much about the man behind […]Read More


If you require any proof that the past can be just as relevant today and still sound fresh AF in the process – look & listen no further than this track “BELLCAT” sliced from the stellar lineup of BROCK’s 2019 record F Concept.  This dude has had his wheels turning so quickly it’s damn near […]Read More


Life in the fast lane y’all…does BROCK even know any other way to live? If you’ve been watching the slick & stylistic series of videos that BROCK has been dropping online over the past year or so, then you’ve seen his ability to pair the most ballin’ highlights of the good life with spectacularly radiant […]Read More


Niiiiiiiiiiiice title bud.  Kinda implied though ain’t it?  If it’s BROCK – of COURSE it’s 100% “BADASS!” As we’ve been alluding to many times over the past year in posts of his videos like “F CONCEPT,” “DAMARO,” and even more recently in his first video release of 2021 with “BEATAH” – this man has a […]Read More

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