Month: <span>August 2017</span>

Suburban Vermin – TV Head Nation Part II

Suburban Vermin – TV Head Nation Part II – EP Review You know…there was a time only about three or four years ago that when people would ask me what it takes to change the music-industry that my answer was we had to morph musicians into superheroes and attack the entire business like they do […]Read More

A Vintage Year – Picture Perfect

A Vintage Year – Picture Perfect – Album Review Much like can happen in mainstream music, hell, sometimes even more frequently throughout the independent music-scene, you can follow bands & artists down the rabbit-hole and discover the roots of where they came from, new side-projects, experimental solo-stuff, demos…all kinds of music exists in our timelines.  […]Read More

Dazor – Back To The Lounge

Dazor – Back To The Lounge – EP Review Dazor – I love you guys!  This is damn-near indescribably Canadian in sound…but I’m going to give it a shot.  The opening cut on this tune has so much like…pfff…pure awesomeness?  Let’s just call it that.  Back To The Lounge sounds like a modern-day version of […]Read More

Teelow Bully – “Everybody Gather Round”

Fusion mon!  That’s the name of the game when it comes to the infusion of fusion that makes up the core of Teelow Bully’s latest single, “Everybody Gather Round,” which blends hip-hop with African drum-rhythms into an exciting new combination for the ol’ ears to listen to.  Loaded with vocal-hooks and plenty of rhythm & […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 069

Spaceport Union!  We’d been waiting for this crew to take the ferry from Vancouver Island over to the mainland for a show…if I remember right I had to bail on them previously in 2014 at The Backstage Lounge, but eventually they made their way back for a show at Studio on the Granville strip of […]Read More

William Elvin And The Circus Tour – Happy Days Ahead:

William Elvin And The Circus Tour – Happy Days Ahead:  The Home Recordings – Album Review I know what you’re thinking…but it’s not like that.  Used to be that back in the day, a ‘home recording’ would be the equivalent of a whole bunch of tape-static hissing and sounds bouncing off the walls and overlapping […]Read More

Alien Skin – 1980 Redux

Alien Skin – 1980 Redux – Album Review 1980 Redux you say?  I could have sworn that over the past 6 months or so we’ve been living in 1984… Alien Skin returns to the pages here today with a brand-new record, the first since last year’s release of European Electronic Cinema; I say that like […]Read More

Rick Tibbe – “Playground”

Rick Tibbe – “Playground” – Single Review I tell ya…if there’s one thing I love, it’s a debut single that immediately stands out like this does! Electro artist Rick Tibbe might just be onto something here…I don’t want to jump the gun too quickly – but all indications point to this dude having that extra […]Read More

Dust Of Days – “Heavy”

Dust Of Days – “Heavy” – Single Review You know…it’s kind of interesting that ‘greedy flies’ are mentioned in the lead-single from Dust Of Days called “Heavy” – even though it sounds closer in tone and execution to a Social Distortion track, there’s actually a lot in common structurally with that of Bush…who, as many […]Read More

Christone – “Where The Streets Have No Name”

Christone – “Where The Streets Have No Name” – Single Review This is no easy mountain to climb…Christone has certainly put himself out there on “Where The Streets Have No Name” by tackling what is arguably one of the biggest and most recognizable songs of the past three decades as he takes on an official […]Read More