Month: <span>August 2017</span>

BLOW_FLYY – “My Dreams”

BLOW_FLYY – “My Dreams” – Single Review Dude…this is freakin’ fantastic!  It is my sincere hope that people out there would get a track like this one…I’ll fully admit that the degree to which hip-hop artist BLOW_FLYY is putting himself out there artistically on his latest single “My Dreams” is much more out on a […]Read More

Debbie Lynn – “Hey Baby Debbie Will Make You Feel

Alright…I’m here to post-up a new video from Debbie Lynn called “Hey Baby Debbie Will Make You Feel Brand New” – and I know it’s supposed to be all about the music…BUT…while I happened to be on YouTube, the song finished and all of a sudden I found myself lost in Debbie’s thoughts on the […]Read More

Scott Kirby – “Love Is Just”

Scott Kirby – “Love Is Just” – Single Review I mean…aside from the soul-crushed, heartbroken perspective that the lyrics in Scott Kirby’s latest tune has to offer – this is a bright-spot in music and certainly an undeniable songwriting talent & genuine performer.  Kirby’s got wisdom in the sound of the rasp in his voice…which […]Read More

Across The Board – “Are You Really Here?”

The new record from Canadian crew Across The Board called Amends is out there and available for you right at this very moment!  The latest single from the record is called “Are You Really Here?” and combines their ability to create stunning melodies, inspired rock moments and meaning messages all into one captivating new cut.  […]Read More

SBS Podcast 033

As always, a sweet batch of tuneage in the mix ready to rock your world from one style of music to the other in a collection of kickass tracks on the SBS Podcast. Featuring music from A Love Like Pi, Gold Wolf, She Likes Todd, Aztec, The Future Exes, The Affectionates and A Vintage Year […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 070

SBS Live This Week returns with another chapter of our history from the first five years, taking you back to an acoustic set from singer/songwriter/solo-artist Calixxa performed live in our very own studio in 2014, way back when we were still based in BC, Canada. Also featuring a bonus video + spotlight on the music […]Read More

AP Production – “One Last Love”

AP Production – “One Last Love” – Single Review You all know I’ve got a lot of love & respect for the people out there in music that have the best of intentions; those artists, bands and yes, even talent behind the scenes that make the entire experience inspiring – those kind of amazing people.  […]Read More

Resilient – How To Peach

Resilient – How To Peach – Album Review Not too many albums out there that I’ve been looking forward to as much as How To Peach by Resilient – this crew from Philly absolutely brought indie-alternative alive on their debut record Imagining Things last year and after hearing the lead-single “Slack” in advance of their […]Read More

Star Zero Pound – Star Zero Pound

Star Zero Pound – Star Zero Pound – Album Review Let’s get bizarre! The self-titled debut album from Star Zero Pound gets released in a couple days-time…so I figure it’s close enough to bring some of the information I’ve got on this otherworldly music into your orbit.  Star Zero Pound is a project from the […]Read More

Lindsey Harper – New Game

The soulful, vibrant tunes from Pop solo-artist Lindsey Harper have made their way onto one sweet collection on her New Game EP.  Check out an incredibly professional performer with a dynamic, versatile & powerful voice – Lindsey’s got an amazing grip on rhythm & melody and a truly beautiful & strong approach to her writing, […]Read More