Month: <span>August 2017</span>

Jason Vare

This month at the homepage, interviews are being sent out all over the place.  We’ve sent out a bunch this August and we’re gonna keep that roll going strong throughout the rest of 2017 for ya with a bunch of 10-question interviews that are the same for all, so we can see/hear/identify what those common […]Read More

Willodean – “Everyone”

Brand-new tenderized tune from indie three-piece band Willodean called “Everyone” – check this out!  Word on the street is that “Everyone” comes from their 3rd EP called Life & Limbo, due out officially next week on August 18th, and that this EP will also be the 3rd of 4 anticipated releases from the band this […]Read More

Gregg Stewart – “Starman”

Gregg Stewart – “Starman” – Single Review Dig the concept, dig the execution…part of me wishes that Gregg Stewart didn’t have to make a full record’s worth of covers from the dearest departed musicians we knew, loved and lost in 2016…but I suppose I should really just be thankful that it all didn’t get so […]Read More

Guest Actors – “By Demand”

Guest Actors – “By Demand” – Single Review Sometimes I really love the pull to writing about music.  Take today for example…I’ve got the progressive rock crew from Victoria, BC, known as Spaceport Union who have made their way across Canada here to Ottawa for a show tonight and hang out session tomorrow – I […]Read More

Donny Richmond

DONNY RICHMOND  &  ELVIS PRESLEY’S MUSICIANS in “THE ULTIMATE ELVIS SALUTE IN SONG” August 16, 2017 marks 40 years since the untimely passing of Elvis Presley “THE WORLD KEEPS LOVING ELVIS” THE HISTORY MAKING RECORDING!!!!! The ONLY TIME this many of ELVIS PRESLEY’s legendary original studio musicians were ever collected again, to back up any […]Read More

Nick Black – “Joy To The Girl”

Nick Black – “Joy To The Girl” – Single Review Alright…so…two ways to look at a song like “Joy To The Girl” in my opinion.  You could look at it as going so far against the grain of what’s out there today to the point where it’s going to have a tough time getting the […]Read More

Bristol Kids Band

Bristol Kids Band signed to ODR Records in Nashville with distro through Sun Records in Memphis. James and Keri also signed with Adrienne Hawe Management in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Toronto born Singer-Songwriter James Walsh and his American wife Lead Singer Keri Walsh are working on 35 new songs and will be in negotiations with legendary […]Read More

A Is For Atom – “Rainbows”

One-man music project A Is For Atom has a brand-new EP coming out this September!  In the meantime, you can get a sample of what’s to come through the lead-single “Rainbows” – a deep atmospheric cut full of post-punk, electro and alternative sound.  Mike Cykoski, the man at the helm of A Is For Atom, […]Read More

Kung Fu Jesus – “Shine A Light”

Kung Fu Jesus – “Shine A Light” – Video/Single Review Kung Fu Jesus – where have you been all my life? I’ll say this for certain…you’d find me in church a heck of a lot more often if it all looked like what we see in the tripped-out & vibrant visuals of his new single […]Read More

Samantha Bouquin – Contemplations On Solitude And Strings

Samantha Bouquin – Contemplations On Solitude And Strings – EP Review Let it be known that I’ll happily listen to anything that comes my way from the Mythical Records label…this is a crew that absolutely knows their stuff and always ends up with highly unique, vibrant and versatile artists that have incredibly imaginative sounds.  They […]Read More