Month: <span>August 2017</span>

0189 – Western Jaguar (Live @ CIVL 2015)

Another band that we never officially had the chance to hang out with, just check out live – Western Jaguar snagged the top honors in the 2015 battle of the bands put on by CIVL radio in the Fraser Valley of BC.  Now…I would never claim that their victory was a shady one…all I know […]Read More

Delra Harris – HMAI Album Sampler

Delra Harris – HMAI – Singles/Album Sampler Review Interesting mix of Soul, R&B, Gospel & faith-based music from singer/songwriter Delra Harris…believe it or not, we’ve got nine tracks from his new record HMAI in review today and that’s just a tiny bit over the halfway-mark of the seventeen-track epic he’s just released.  That’s a hefty […]Read More

Jo Potter – Saved

Jo Potter – Saved – Album Review There we go…that’s what the ears are looking for…you can hear the authenticity, passion and charm in Jo Potter’s voice immediately as the title-track of her new album Saved starts up her new album.  Talk about smooth!  “Saved” comes out sounding sincere, powerful and emotionally compelling throughout its […]Read More

Sarah Ragsdale – “This Kiss”

Add a little sunshine into your day with this brand-new tune from Sarah Ragsdale off her upcoming album Whimsical Romance.  Combining a ton of worldly experience from her travels and personal inspirations from along her adventures, she puts a ton of character, charm & heart into her music that people can relate to & enjoy.  […]Read More

Christian Salerno – Concerto Ischia, “Resto In Silenzio”

A gorgeous piano melody from Christian Salerno, “Resto In Silenzio” is full of powerful emotion and beautifully performed.  We don’t just like it – we love it!  Have a listen for yourself below through the new video for Concerto Ischia, “Resto In Silenzio” below and treat yourself to a spectacular moment in music. Find out […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Leech”

Digital Escort – “Leech” – Single Review They say there are cyclical patterns you can identify in music.  We all have heard about the way a style or sound will burst out, fade away and come back again…that’s one of the known examples.  What about your work habits though?  Do those tell a story as […]Read More


Enlight The powerfully expressive, colorful & imaginative music of Melbourne, Australia’s five-piece progressive-rock band Enlight is designed to sonically captivate listeners through bold structures and stunning songs that combine the beauty of pure melody & all-out menace of metal-mayhem as one.  With an intensely explorative & innovative style that digs deep into the depths of […]Read More

MusicMegaBox – Listen To All New Music Online For Free!

MusicMegaBox – Listen To All New Music Online For Free! Everyone out there can always use another reliable source when it comes to finding their new music! has made it easier than ever to find the songs you want to listen to with a brand-new site that allows users to listen online to hundreds […]Read More

David Stephenson – David Stephenson

David Stephenson – David Stephenson – Album Review If you’ve been following along at the pages lately, you’ve probably spotted the name David Stephenson not all that long ago when we reviewed his album I Become Disaster…and if you’ve done your due diligence, you’ve also had a listen by now either at his sites or […]Read More

Burning End – “In The Faded”

Burning End continues to impress!  Back with a haunting & melodic new single called “In The Faded” and another solid video to perfectly match the atmosphere & sound of the music, Burning End is clearly on a hot-streak of creativity.  Beautiful background harmonies, sweet indie-toned & emotion-filled lead-vocals and a brilliant pace to the gorgeous […]Read More