Month: <span>August 2017</span>

Adam Exler – You

Adam Exler – You – Album Review Adam Exler seems like one heck of a nice guy.  He’s got himself a shiny new record full of bright rhythms and passionate songs.  He’s got a brand-new website and new videos to support the album.  He’s also got supreme motivation and inspiration guiding him on the material […]Read More

Black Note Graffiti – “Such Is Art”

Black Note Graffiti – “Such Is Art” – Single Review Yup.  Thumbs-up to this. Black Note Graffiti have the kind of difference in their sound & approach to rock that makes all the difference in the world in setting them apart from the rest.  The work, effort and focus is clearly being applied in massive […]Read More

Brian Fitzy – “Play God”

Have a look at the rad new video put together for Brian Fitzy’s latest single “Play God” – but more importantly, have a real close listen to these words!  The multi-talented Fitzy delivers big-time with a socially-woke track that’s bound to speak to the people out there through the chilled out vibe and smooth sound […]Read More

Nate Utley – Infinite Potential

Nate Utley – Infinite Potential – EP Review Dig the beard on this guy!  All music aside for a brief moment, one bearded-brother to another, game gotta respect game you know what I’m sayin’?  This guy grows a thick face bush!  Nice work Nate. Anyhow…so…we’ve got Infinite Potential here eh?  I’d say that’s pretty damn […]Read More

Delilah Latina Princess – “Bondage”

Check out the latest cut from Delilah Latina Princess called “Bondage” and step into a world that knows no limitations to the wild expressions of sexuality.  “Bondage” is actually considered to be a short film just as much as it is a music-video, so get ready to grab your popcorn and take this all in.  […]Read More

Hayley Lam – “Being Alive”

Hayley Lam – “Being Alive” – Single Review You know…I honestly don’t know exactly what I was expecting with the music of Hayley Lam…but I can sure tell you what came through my speakers moments after pressing play felt like an extraordinary surprise.  Perhaps I was caught judging a book by its cover for a […]Read More

Kozie – “Fly”/”Life’s A Bitch”

Kozie – “Fly”/”Life’s A Bitch” – Singles Review I’m positive that other music-reviewers like myself must go through similar moments.  For those of us that are continuously listening to tunes day & night…not gonna lie to you…even as much as I personally enjoy it, after the years start to pass, sometimes you just want to […]Read More

Young Chitown – “Saucein”

Nobody “Saucein” like this yo!  Check out the eye-poppin’ new video from Young Chitown for his single called “Saucein” below – it’s designed for maximum entertainment.  Shot like a great rap video should be, in the studio and in the club – it’s directed, shot & edited perfectly by DJMalonePro.  You can find this latest […]Read More