Month: <span>August 2017</span>

Novel ‘’Hooly’’ The GOAT – Singles

Novel ‘’Hooly’’ The Goat – Singles Review I think it was just a couple weeks back that we latched onto the music of The GOAT – and wouldn’t you know it, the man’s out there stayin’ on his grind with a couple new singles released already, keepin’ that game sharp.  Last time we reviewed his […]Read More

Alexander Howard – “Mount Rushmore”

If you’ve been wondering where your electrifying summer electro-pop jam has been this year, worry no longer – it just arrived.  Alexander Howard is on FIRE in the writing and hooks of his incredible new single “Mount Rushmore” – this is a cut that’s really gonna get the people movin’ out there!  Really impressive rhythm […]Read More

Logan – “Drifting Apart” Feat. Londyen Skye

Logan – “Drifting Apart” Featuring Londyen Skye – Single Review You know…music can be a weird world sometimes.  There’s a completely legitimate reason as to why most of the musicians and artists out there either hate the idea of genres altogether or when asked, refuse to be defined by any one singular style of music.  […]Read More

1403 – “Control”

1403 is a versatile music project that blends all kinds of styles & sounds from different genres together in search of something new, with Tom Cameron at the helm.  The new single “Control” is a perfect example as it dips into a combination of Soul, R&B, Indie, Jazz & Pop together as one in a […]Read More

Alan Osborne – “Today”

You gotta give good ol’ Alan some serious credit.  Not only did the guy continue on immediately after his band National Impurities began its hiatus – but he’s already put out two extremely different singles that present altogether separate dimensions of his solo-sound that also just happen to have killer videos.  You can file his […]Read More

Dennis Sy – “Life Is What You Make It”

Dennis Sy – “Life Is What You Make It” – Single Review There we go!  This is plenty of proof that there are all kinds of opportunities for music of all styles & sounds out there as I’ve been claiming all along.  Dennis Sy is back for the second time within a month or so […]Read More


This month at the homepage, interviews are being sent out all over the place.  We’ve sent out a bunch this August and we’re gonna keep that roll going strong throughout the rest of 2017 for ya with a bunch of 10-question interviews that are the same for all, so we can see/hear/identify what those common […]Read More

Shizz – “Non Believer”

Shizz just got REAL!  Brand-new video from Ruby Street Productions, directed by Derrick Shaw and edited by Chuck Billions for the latest cut from rapper/solo-artist Shizz, a track called “Non Believer.”  Armed with giant low-end sound and aggressive hooks – Shizz sounds determined and hungry on the mic, giving you a dose of confidence mixed […]Read More

Underlined Passages – Tandi My Dicafi

Underlined Passages – Tandi My Dicafi – Album Review A duo based out of Baltimore, Underlined Passages combines the talents of Michael Nestor on guitars & vocal duties and Jamaal Turner on the drums.  With a brand-new album about to come out on September 15th of this year from the Mint 400 Records label, Tandi […]Read More

0188 – The Pit Recording Sessions

In 2014 we took a shot at officially recording Vancouver grunge-rock band The Pit for a split single between their songs “Closer” and “The Machine.”  Unfortunately, we missed the mark…admittedly, we were cleaning these gnarly beasts up too much in the mix when we should have been concentrating on bringing their live-sound to the session.  […]Read More