Sonificade – Despite All The Noise

Sonificade – Despite All The Noise – Album Review Despite All The Noise, there’s a complete celebration of all-things-rock on this new album from Sonificade.  With a full eleven tracks that range and roam through the vast terrain within the genre & sub-genres from alternative to post-punk, to impressive hooks that have pop-inspirations and tremendous […]Read More

In Lights – In Lights

In Lights – In Lights – EP Review Feels like it’s been far too long since we’ve had some post-rock music on the pages here at sleepingbagstudios…I find it to be such an emotionally comforting kind of music, made by far too few of us out there.  There is such a high-place of respect for […]Read More

Graham Alexander – “Romeo Blue”

Fun new track from singer/songwriter Graham Alexander – you’ll dig the vibe of “Romeo Blue.”  Great light-funk/pop/soul inspired rhythm & hooks, and the video makes it all look like Graham & the players in the band had just as much fun making that as they did the song itself.  Definitely the kind of sound with […]Read More

The L.A.W. – “Love Crazy” Feat. Butter Wesley

The L.A.W. – “Love Crazy” Feat. Butter Wesley – Single Review Alright…this completely works. The L.A.W. probably has more style in his pinky-finger right now than most emcees will grow to possess throughout their entire lifetime.  His new single, “Love Crazy” was a track I grew to dig quickly…The L.A.W. brings it to the mic […]Read More

B. Notes – This Is Not For Everybody

B. Notes – This Is Not For Everybody – Mixtape Review You’ll notice when you look into the music of B. Notes that this guy has a resume that speaks to that of a true entertainer.  Singer, rapper, songwriter, actor – B. Notes covers the map with all the right skills necessary to be captivating […]Read More

The Drama Dolls – Requiem

The Drama Dolls – Requiem – Album Review Big credit to Mike Cambridge at the helm of the controls for The Drama Dolls…let me tell ya why.  I see a ton of bands in the independent scene going for EP’s over albums these days in effort to keep the music-flowing at a better rate; and […]Read More

A Truth Called Nothing – Sluggerhand

A Truth Called Nothing – Sluggerhand – Album Review Put it to you this way…whether or not it’s an album-title, a band-name, those first opening-notes of a record, a little background info…the combination of these things somehow lead to a much tougher-time finding true surprise in music.  It takes a rare breed of musician to […]Read More

Germaine D’Rosario – Soundcloud Singles

Germaine D’Rosario – Soundcloud Singles Reviewed Considering that just yesterday I jumped into a genre that wouldn’t have normally ended up on my playlist…I felt like continuing that streak today with another genre I’ve barely scratched the surface of – the world of Opera-music.  In a lot of ways, I’ve got fairly extensive experience with […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 051

New all-music episode for ya! Music/Videos From:  Annie Becker,  Nixie,  Aztec,  Filthy Little Thieves,  Lyrical Assassin,  Lindstrom And The Limit,  ES The Music Sides,  hidingtobefound,  Davidson Calfee and a spotlight on the music of Curtis Lee Putman – come get it!!!Read More

Curtis Lee Putman – “#TallInTheSaddle (When I Ride)”

Curtis Lee Putman – “#TallInTheSaddle (When I Ride)” – Single Review Alright…well…here we are in Country-Music land…which for the most part, you know I don’t fit-in here.  I can’t fool you readers out there – nor would I even begin to try; Country-music is well-outside of my genres of choice and that’s no secret.  But […]Read More

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