On Ithenfal’s Wing – “Through The Black Thorn Of Brethil”

 On Ithenfal’s Wing – “Through The Black Thorn Of Brethil”

From the 2018 record called Key To Then, check out one of the select cuts and click play on the latest audio adventure posted up here at our pages – On Ithenfal’s Wing and the song “Through The Black Thorn Of Brethil.”  Definitely a journey in sound & style, On Ithenfal’s Wing combines Metal, melody, and a storyteller’s approach to “Through The Black Thorn Of Brethil,” providing listeners with a verifiable narrative they can hear unfolding in this tale while the music changes & morphs mysteriously around the words.  All-in-all, this single from the album Key To Then reaches for a solid combination of art & music together, bringing in a hushed and haunting whisper to the vocals, sung with an almost spoken-word style that gets this epic story to come to life, using theatrical inclinations and clever transitions in the sound as the song plays on.  From what we gathered online in checking this project out online, it all traces back to one man known as Ivan, who handles everything from the music to the microphone.  Clearly no stranger to hard-work and creativity – “Through The Black Thorn Of Brethil” explores the bridge between worlds of sound & style, putting a clever spin on the Metal genre and taking a deep dive into fantasy.  Have a listen to the latest from On Ithenfal’s Wing below!

Find out more about On Ithenfal’s Wing at the official Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/onithenfalswing

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