Mad Skulls Poetry – “Apathy”

 Mad Skulls Poetry – “Apathy”

Mad Skulls Poetry – “Apathy” – Music Video Release/Review

Coming to our Canadian pages all the way from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, wayyyyyyy over there in Europe – we’ve got the not-so-subtle intensity of Mad Skulls Poetry in the mix for ya this morning!  A punishing dose of their own brand of “skull metal” – their new single “Apathy” is pretty much anything but apathetic!  This band of extremes crushes through their new song with a gripping blend of brutal melodic fury & wild musical rage that sounds beastly enough to reach out through screens & speakers to choke you right the fuck out!  They’ve got the power & the ability to detonate at any moment and explode into insanity, madness, and chaos – Mad Skulls Poetry make music loud & strong enough to travel the globe.

From the tortured growls of their lead front-man Arion, to the bone-cutting edge in the tone of the guitars from Alexie, the looming low-end supplied by George’s bass, and the pounding of skins coming from drummer Nick – Mad Skulls Poetry present a unified core of competent & capable musicianship.  Definitely not for the faint of heart, “Apathy” storms through a sea of twisted metal mayhem & music designed to fully blow your mind with impressive transitions between slow-burning melodic fire and a rock-solid use of the loud/quiet effect that captivates as they move from part-to-part on this new single.  Supporting “Apathy” with a killer video to completely suit the vibes in the music, you’ll visually see all kinds of insanity onscreen & that the entire cast of characters in Mad Skulls Poetry seem right at home.

You see & hear what we’re talking about?  They’re savagely as Metal as it gets when it comes to their music, but they’re also taking the time to write genuine hooks that will sink in with the people out there.  Mad Skulls Poetry never leaves melody behind, and they clearly have a firm grip on their songwriting & sound – “Apathy” is the kind of single you want out there – it’s the kind of cut that makes a seriously memorable impact.  A ton of that is largely due to the fact that all the players involved in the band are putting their maximum into “Apathy,” and that Mad Skulls Poetry has ensured their latest song is epic enough to shake the walls surrounding you.  Don’t be afraid – be brave and click play!  You won’t be the same after you experience this – so turn it UP and let their punishing music-madness invade your mind!

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