Styop Quoons – Machine Gun Bacon

Styop Quoons – Machine Gun Bacon – EP Review I’ll tell you this much…you don’t get a name/title like this outside of the electro-genre…ya just don’t.  It’s also fair to assume, that out of all the different styles & types of electro out there…that a name/title combination like this is also going to be quite […]Read More

Day Hacker – Zero One

Day Hacker – Zero One – EP Review Coming to us from right next door…or, at least pretty close by in the same city we’re now based in, know & love – Day Hacker is a five piece band from Ottawa, Ontario that are electronically thumpin’ it up and raising a ruckus with their programs […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 050

New Music & Videos From: EarDrumCandy, Matt Byron, Pawzilla, Animation1000, The Sunless Sea, David Devereux, Once More, Autumn, Whiskey Kings and Atomm -X-! Spotlight shining on the music of Endsightt – check it out!Read More

Erik Odsell – Searching For Lost Boys Island

Erik Odsell – Searching For Lost Boys Island – Album Review It’s always interesting to see what other people hear in their music.  If there’s a gap in the independent music-scene, as far as I’m concerned, it’s quite often the disconnect between the songs we write and we truly love…and the songs that truly connect […]Read More

The Feedbackers – “Become The Day”/”Heart In Pieces”

The Feedbackers – “Become The Day”/”Heart In Pieces” – Singles Review I would think it’s a good climate out there in music right now for the tunes of Montreal’s rock-band The Feedbackers…with what I was hearing in the first single I examined called “Become The Day” and the instant comparison you can make to the […]Read More

Hooyoosay – “Palm Tree In My Garden”

Hooyoosay – “Palm Tree In My Garden” – Single Review Okay…this time someone is really setting me up right?  Is this real?  Am I being Punk’d? Let me explain… Hooyoosay…at least I figured at first, was writing about my own Aunt somehow!  Don’t get me wrong…I know how hard she’s worked in her life to […]Read More

Bredd – An End For All

Bredd – An End For All – EP Review Gotta say…there are some very pleasant surprises here on the new EP from Bredd, based out of Italy.  A lot of those fantastic moments come from the writing & the atmospheres in the music of his An End For All EP – but definitely just as […]Read More

Charles Wright – “She Don’t Believe In Love”

Charles Wright – “She Don’t Believe In Love” – Single Review Well…there’s this.  I managed to get a couple hours of sleep…so I know it’s not all me here…this one’s a bit strange.  Charles Wright brings the funk to “She Don’t Believe In Love” – brand new single from the original leader of The Watts […]Read More

Endsightt – The Music Demo

Endsightt – The Music Demo – Album Review Let me tell you all…if I had a dime for every time an artist or band told me that I was about to be in for an ‘all-new experience unlike I’ve ever heard before’ – I’d be driving my lambo down the street and tossin’ dollars in […]Read More

Plaedo – Tribal Hop Raptivism

Plaedo – Tribal Hop Raptivism – Album Review Growing up in Vancouver, BC, a multi-faceted outlet for opinions and beliefs expressed on the streets every day and a couple music-city to boot – I can relate quickly to Plaedo and what he’s rhyming about on Tribal Hop Raptivism.  With messages of peace, togetherness & oneness […]Read More

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