I’m Smoking Legal – “Lifted”

 I’m Smoking Legal – “Lifted”

I’m Smoking Legal – “Lifted” – Music Video Release/Review

Being the 420-friendly site that we’ve always been, we’re proud to introduce ya to I’m Smoking Legal and the brand-new single/video for the song “Lifted” here on our pages at sleepingbagstudios.  If you had a chance to listen to the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, you got a chance to hear many of my thoughts on both the music and the merchandise from I’m Smoking Legal before we closed-out the show on a high note by spinning “Lifted” for those of you out there playing the episode loud & proud.

But you know we like to make sure we cover all the angles when we’ve uncovered something new that the people should definitely know about – so let’s dig even further into the new cut from I’m Smoking Legal and make sure y’all out there know what’s up.  Go ahead and pack your bong, roll up a spliff, get yourself nice & cozy and chill with us here at SBS for a moment or two while we talk some music at ya.

Because I mean…that’s really what it’s all about ain’t it?  I’m Smoking Legal is reppin’ comfort in style & chilled-out sound for you all to enjoy – and the end results become a brand designed a combination of art & music that blends fashion with greens, music, and more.  Check this out for yourself – click play on “Lifted” below and join the thousands-upon-thousands that have been jammin’ this joint on the daily!

So here are the facts for ya.  Obviously, there’s no hiding the fact that this is built to be a primo smokin’ song for your own soundtracks & sessions out there – that’s pretty much a given when we’re talking about a project called I’m Smoking Legal, fair to say?  Nor should there be a reason to hide it in the first place – I’m Smoking Legal is all about acceptance & being open – it’s about you being YOU, however you want that to be, expressing yourself in-full.  What’ll surprise you non-smokers out there however…is how accessible this cut can be from its modern-day R&B-meets-Electro vibes – as in, you don’t necessary have to be a joker OR a midnight toker to get down with a song like “Lifted,” feel me?  Taking it even further than that, brands like this also breed culture and art in all kinds of incredible ways – take a look again at the video for example – you’ll find a ton of people chillin’ and genuinely having a great time in every scene that you look at.  Now ask yourself why on earth wouldn’t you want to be a part of a scene does its part in spreading love, happiness, music, unity, and art all over the place?  The truth is – you know you do!  I’m Smoking Legal is clearly one of the sources of that next-level of the story – part of the community behind the clouds that’s been waiting for the right moment to take it all mainstream.  Now.

And here we are.  As I mentioned on the SBS Podcast the other day, you can find all kinds of merch and music from I’m Smoking Legal and the movement they’re creating.  Leading the way in our cultural shift, they’ve taken a huge step forward in combining their own art designs and fashion sense into all kinds of swag, from T-shirts to protective phone-cases and everything in between (even PILLOWS y’all!) – I’m Smoking Legal has found innovative ways for the people to support this next phase of our evolution as a society.  Whether you’re a smoker or a non-smoker – if you’re a supporter of people living LIFE the way they wanna, however that is – you’ll be down with a brand like I’m Smoking Legal and what they’re all about.  If you smoke greens, right on, there’s plenty of rad products that’ll help you chill while you’re doin’ that; if you don’t smoke but you’re passionate about personal freedom, music, fashion, and art – I’m Smoking Legal will give you just as many reasons to get in on the grassroots of this movement, 100%.

Support this crew!  I’m Smoking Legal is covering all the angles and getting a brand together that the people can fully stand behind.  I dig what I’m seein’ and I dig what I’m hearing from them all so far – I take great comfort in the fact that there’s good people out there like these guys that are standing up for what’s important, and also creating art & music in the process.  Each element they’ve added from their clothes to their website to their music to their videos all support one of the most important movements on behalf of people worldwide that we’ve experienced in our lifetimes – and I’m Smoking Legal provides solid tunes and good times to get “Lifted” while we’re all doing our part to make it happen.  Definitely vibes you’ll wanna chill with and gear you’ll wanna suit up in and deck your place out with.  You know what they say, it’s 4:20 somewhere – and that’s true!  But with what I’m Smoking Legal is creating and putting out into the world, it can be 4:20 any ol’ time you want it to be – and that’s facts y’all, dig that!

Find out more about I’m Smoking Legal at the official pages below yo!

TeeSpring:  https://teespring.com/stores/smoking-legal-2

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/imsmokinglegal

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ImSmokingLegal

Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.ca/imsmokinglegal

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF-moXkxMaTYTRVH2g3vmeA

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