Rosalila – “Reparation”

 Rosalila – “Reparation”

Official Press Release

Rosalila’s Brand-New Single Highlights The Need For Change – “Reparation” Comes Out Summer 2021.

After introducing her compelling style & sound through her emotionally powerful debut single “Cherish” earlier this year, cross-cultural sensation Rosalila returns bolder, and more inspired than ever before on her brand-new release – “Reparation” – in the summer of 2021. From the intense poetry & wisdom of her words, to the spine-tingling performance Rosalila puts into her fierce vocals, “Reparation” becomes both a sensory experience rooted in the essence of Reggae, and a thought-provoking call for real action.

Armed with artistic integrity, and highly relevant lyricism filled with many insightful observations critical of society & the endless injustices throughout Black history that still currently affect the world right now, Rosalila’s vocals are as informative & mesmerizing as they are entirely spirited & detailed with resolve.  With pure conviction & confidence in every syllable she sings, Rosalila emphasizes the importance of the core message calling for change, action, and resolution through the words & vocals of “Reparation,” and in the process, creates awareness for a serious issue that desperately needs discussion to this very day.

While she’s unafraid to speak up loud through her art & music, and call out systemic inequality for what it is – Rosalila has also taken a step further with “Reparation,” designing its most gripping hooks and resounding moments to echo the incredible potential, possibility, and hope on the horizon in the dawn of an all-new era.  A fearless warrior on the front-lines of change, the mix of haunting & melodic vibes that create the atmosphere of “Reparation” set the stage for Rosalila with an ethereal sound that is as dramatically intense as it is chilled-out & mellow, expertly providing the opportunity for her vocals to shine vibrantly word-for-word & creating an unforgettable moment in time designed to speak strongly to the hearts & minds listening, through meaningful music that resonates inside the soul of the people.

Rosalila’s brand-new single “Reparation” will be available on every major music platform on June 18th this year, just prior to Juneteenth, as a reminder that while we may celebrate, we are still not yet free.

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