DJ Cali Rascal

 DJ Cali Rascal

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DJ Cali Rascal Surges Straight Into His Prime, Creating Unforgettable Moments In Time For Everyone To Enjoy.

Born with an authentic gift to turn Friday nights into Sunday mornings – San Francisco, California’s own DJ Cali Rascal has always had an incredible understanding of what makes music genuinely connect with the people out on the club floor.  After leaving behind the analog world of instruments to make a pivotal switch to the digital realm at the age of seventeen, when Cali picked up his very first set of turntables – he has continued to level-up throughout the course of his career & add fresh skills at every opportunity.

A master mixologist specializing in the true art of turning good times into greatness from the lefts to the rights, DJ Cali Rascal has an innate gift to read a room and deliver precisely what the people wanna hear.  Through his insightful ability to blend multiple genres & spin the very best from into an insatiable hybrid of pure sonic fusion designed to provide a sensory experience that listeners can’t help but vibe with, Cali has built himself a bulletproof reputation for crafting & creating unforgettable sets that keep the party goin’ long & strong.

Having dominated the entirety of the Electro circuit locally throughout the California scene from battles to professional competitions, and opening for the area’s top DJ’s over the course of his rise to the top – Cali’s cutting-edge approach, dynamic & versatile style, and undeniable skills have established his name as premier entertainment locally and online from coast to coast.  With uniquely vibrant mixes of House, Hip-Hop, Soul, and EDM that show love & respect for the roots of the old-school through relevant sound built for the right here and now – DJ Cali Rascal’s eclectic taste, psychedelic transitions, and uncanny use of captivating samples lead directly to highly addictive music and wild moments in time unlike any other.

Surging into the prime of his career as a turntable artist, with his sights set firmly on taking the top spots on the charts of the international Electro scene in the years to come, Cali is making every single move he makes count as he climbs straight to #1.  Currently booking shows all throughout the nation, and gearing up for major tour plans to follow, Cali’s dedication to excellence, pure commitment to the craft, and his exceptionally diverse range of talents are second to none – and he’s determined to prove it to everyone listening.  DJ Cali Rascal is embracing his destiny & sharing the real magic of music with YOU – join him in celebration as he steps into the spotlight where he belongs & sets the trends for the rest to try to follow.

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