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 Body Drama

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Body Drama Authentically Combines Art + Music Together As One – Out Of My Way EP Available Now!

With their shared extensive experience in the arts, entertainment, and film industry, it was only natural that when the duo of John Osment (Producer/Songwriter) & Sydney Amanuel (Vocals/Lyrics) decided to make music together, that it would encompass extraordinarily sensory vibes & a cinematic atmosphere.  Creating intensely vivid music that listeners can truly feel enticing them in through texture & tone, with boldly angelic vocals & poetic lyricism that reveals an astonishing degree of artistic integrity & vivacious sound – Body Drama are surging into their debut year with a powerfully gripping the set-list of songs on their brand-new Out Of My Way EP.  Over the course of four exceptional hybrid cuts that seamlessly blend Electro, Trip-Hop, and Dream-Pop into a unique & memorable signature sound of their own – Out Of My Way reveals a stylistic & dynamic combination of talented artists destined for the spotlight.

From their expansive, expressive, and emotional melodies, to the stellar production of their atmospheric vibes – Body Drama creates moments in time never to be forgotten, and songs capable of moving hearts & minds around the globe.  Excited for the opportunity to share the magic of what they’ve discovered in the furthest reaches of their creativity & mesmerizing mix of evocative Electro sound – Out Of My Way is out & available on major music platforms online now, and set to thrill millions of listeners, worldwide.

Listen to Body Drama’s brand-new Out Of My Way EP online at Apple Music.

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