Vandi Lynnae – “Dancing Through The Rain”

 Vandi Lynnae – “Dancing Through The Rain”

Official Press Release

Vandi Lynnae’s Spirited New Single “Dancing Through The Rain” Is Available Everywhere Online Now!

The past year has been filled with an incredible amount of pure love, support, and justified excitement surrounding the endearing & enchanting music of solo artist Vandi Lynnae.  Soaring through a breakout debut that has included her stunning first record The Beginning, the release of multiple remixes & new videos, and her brilliantly evocative single “Marinate” – Vandi has surged with momentum throughout 2021 with radiant material that has been moving the minds, bodies, and souls of the masses from every corner of the map.  Bringing listeners together all around the world to discover her immaculately bold & beautiful vocals, vividly poetic lyricism, and uniquely graceful charm – Vandi has earned a wonderfully loyal fan-base of her own by creating music with genuine substance, heartfelt emotions & sensory vibes, sparkling & moody melodies, and a sincere dedication to the craft of songwriting that is second to none.

This summer – Vandi Lynnae reveals a gripping new single that has the groundbreaking & visionary artist at her absolute spellbinding best – “Dancing Through The Rain” is out & available now on all major music platforms online.  Officially released in July as it turned into August this year, Vandi’s brand-new song is a highlight example of her innate ability to create music that explores the connections between life and love with fearless expressionism, authentically insightful wisdom, and the colorful bliss of true nostalgia.  Detailed beautifully through powerful words & imagery that draw upon the unbreakable bonds we share together and true love everlasting – “Dancing Through The Rain” is as vibrantly thought-provoking as it is engaging, fully designed to provide comfort & catharsis to listeners via timeless melody & real passion.

From the soulfully sweet sound of her voice, to the undeniable conviction and strengths she supplies to every syllable she sings, her exquisitely addictive hooks & empowering vibes – Vandi’s latest single is an extraordinary tribute to those we love; it’s confirmation that these moments, feelings, and relationships we share live on, forever.  “Dancing Through The Rain” is a sincerely captivating emotional journey that is uniquely capable of inducing floods of tears & a warm smile at the same time, where both are equally welcomed & accepted, admired & appreciated.  Inspired by her own real-life experiences with love and loss that tie-in to the unfortunate sickness of her closest aunt, to the distance of her estranged father – Vandi expands the concept even further into a groundbreaking anthem, beaming with pure light and hope that becomes an empathically positive anthem for the heartbroken, designed to help heal the soul.

Ecstatic to share her latest single with each and every one of you listening, and win-over hearts & minds worldwide with her spectacularly sweet new song in the process – Vandi’s highly dynamic, Pop-infused sound on “Dancing Through The Rain” reveals the hybrid depth and dimension of an artist that has put thought into every moment, and achieved 100% mesmerizing results that speak volumes beyond words.  Available online everywhere now, including a series of videos that range from live-action, to animated & lyric-based visuals – “Dancing Through The Rain” is guaranteed to reach listeners on a deeper level from sight to sound, revealing the special connection between Vandi Lynnae, her music – and you, this year.

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