Month: <span>August 2022</span>

Sylvia Brooks – Signature

Sylvia Brooks – Signature – Album Review According to the details I’ve been readin’ on the ol’ internet from my Google machine over here – it sounds like solo artist Sylvia Brooks has challenged herself to add a bit more into this particular record, her fourth since she first started releasing music professionally, called Signature.  […]Read More

Aluna Thavonsouk – “Theotherside”

Aluna Thavonsouk – “Theotherside” – Music Video Post Ayyyy – what do we always say around here…music is the universal language, is it not?  The same could be said for a stellar video too – and it’s fair to say that artist Aluna Thavonsouk has got both of these elements working in her favor for […]Read More

Temple Of The Diagonal – “Pilgrim”

Temple Of The Diagonal – “Pilgrim” – Single Review Finally – a project that musician Jesse Kazmer is willing to let me put his name beside! That’s somewhat of an inside joke that y’all would have to be reading everything I’ve ever written & listening to every record I’ve ever written about to completely understand.  […]Read More

Turncoat – “Margaret Thatcher” / “Mr. America”

Turncoat – “Margaret Thatcher” / “Mr. America” – Singles Review Trust me when I tell ya young thugs…you might think you’re hard when you’re rappin’ about bitches, money, and guns…but there IS a level beyond.  When you’re REALLY harder-than-hard, you’re like our main man Turncoat here – you’re rappin’ about…hey wait a minute…hold up – […]Read More

benj – That’s A Wonderful Idea

benj – That’s A Wonderful Idea – EP Review Bring on the sub-genres!  Call this Digicore…call it Hyper-Pop…call it Alternative…call it straight-up Indie, Lofi, Emo, or whatever ya like as far as I’m concerned – just give That’s A Wonderful Idea a listen or two – dude’s like benj deserve the support for their immense […]Read More

Muriel’s Marauders – “Black Corvette”

Muriel’s Marauders – “Black Corvette” – Music Video Post “Doesn’t time just fly?”  #ItSureDoesHoss  #SoDoSongsThatAreAroundNinetySecondsLong Now just because a song & video are on the shorter side of things, doesn’t mean there ain’t something well worth tuning in for y’all – in the particularly peculiar case of this song “Black Corvette” by Muriel’s Marauders for […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Space Warp”

Ltronnika – “Space Warp” – Single Review Time flies when you’re busy makin’ them digital beats y’all! Some folks stay so fresh in my mind that it can be really hard to process the fact that it’s actually been years since we last featured their music on our pages – just like this Electro-based artist […]Read More

Fruut – “Bleached” / “Plants”

Fruut – “Bleached” / “Plants” – Singles Review Fair to say there’s always going to be a market for a sound like Fruut’s got, and more often than not, a legion of Pop fans out there waiting to follow an artist that’s “still boyish and pretty.”  According to the ol’ internet, Fruut’s new single “Bleached” […]Read More

Doll Parts – “We Are The Girls” / “Just So

Doll Parts – “We Are The Girls” / “Just So You Know” – Singles Review We’ve got a good start goin’ on here…but I think I’m probably more interested in where it’s going next. Based out of San Francisco in California, Doll Parts is a band built upon many influences…so many, that currently, it seems […]Read More

VanGore – “(Hey) No War”

VanGore – “(Hey) No War” – Music Video Post “No war’s worth dying for.”  #NowThatsSomethingWeCanAllAgreeOn By “we,” of course I mean US…the people…there’s hardly ever been a person in your life that you’ve met that has ever been PRO-war, if ever – am I right?  So “Scream!  Hey!  HEY!  NO WAR” – because unless you’ve […]Read More