Aluna Thavonsouk – “Theotherside”

 Aluna Thavonsouk – “Theotherside”

Aluna Thavonsouk – “Theotherside” – Music Video Post

Ayyyy – what do we always say around here…music is the universal language, is it not?  The same could be said for a stellar video too – and it’s fair to say that artist Aluna Thavonsouk has got both of these elements working in her favor for the release of her single “Theotherside” this year.  I love the look, I love the sound – Aluna’s gorgeous inside & out – and regardless of whether or not you fully know how to speak Laotian, or what the words are in-full, the sentiment of her sweetness certainly connects and is sure to reach the hearts & minds of listeners all over the map.  I have no doubt whatsoever that Aluna has vibes that’ll resonate with ya for all the right reasons – plus the music itself, is a perfect complement to her voice…she’s got all the right ingredients, and the hallmarks of a genuine international sensation.

One of the things I really like the best about this particular video, is the fact that during the pandemic era, we’ve all had to find a new gear creatively & artistically – and it’s really generated a whole lot of new uniqueness in our music-scene in response as a result, just like you’ll see on “Theotherside.”  Expertly directed by Khamly Philavong, this video features Aluna in the spotlight where she belongs, but instead of a whole bunch of other people along with her, it’s actually filmed with mannequins instead!  What’s great is that because of the way this video is shot and the inherent star-power of Aluna, this single’s video comes out every bit as entertaining and engaging visually as the song itself sounds.  According to Aluna, this singleis an analogy of a coin to love and a life.  It’s about accepting the other side of a coin as you are holding one.”  She’s got a charming spirit all-around, and a whole lot of light & love inside her to share with you all watching & listening around the world – we’re pleased to welcome her to our Canadian-based pages and excited to help spread her positivity with each & every one of you.

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