Month: <span>August 2022</span>

Ferny G – “Butterflies”

Ferny G – “Butterflies” – Single Review Hmmm… I think…I think that if I’m being real with ya Ferny G, this cut might need a bit more time in the ol’ incubator.  The whole Rap/R&B thing is a weird game to begin with though…it’s moved well beyond having to be on-point with tone & all […]Read More

1sPlace Poet – “So High 22222” Feat. EyeAmEye

1sPlace Poet – “So High 22222” Feat. EyeAmEye – Single Review “Puff the clouds, now they underneath my feet…”  #ItsAlways420SomewhereYall So…let’s be real here…authenticity is an important thing – and you’ll find there’s a whole lot of that at work on this new single from 1sPlacePoet.  Like…to the point where you couldn’t possibly miss it, […]Read More

Love Is A Chorus – Then I Met You

Love Is A Chorus – Then I Met You – EP Review Now don’t get me wrong…I know the heart of this project known as Love Is A Chorus resides in singer/songwriter Jonathan – I’m just sayin’ I absolutely love the way this record begins with a subtly dramatic instrumental, “Intro (Then I Met You).”  […]Read More

Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty – “Little By Little”

Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty – “Little By Little” – Single Review Oooo!  New album out…that’s always exciting times, ain’t it?  Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty have just released their brand-new record called Positive Numbers back on the 12th of August, and we’re here to tell ya about their shiny lead-single called “Little […]Read More

K-ORA – Coaxial Constructs

K-ORA – Coaxial Constructs – EP Review Perhaps there are some of you out there that remember this bizarre oddity from our music-scene – it was only back at the end of April this year that we first ran into K-ORA and reviewed the single “Sphere 2020” here on our pages…that ain’t too long ago, […]Read More

BROCK – “8X”

BROCK – “8X” – Music Video Post There we go!  Video on-point brother-man – this is the kind of energy we know & love from BROCK to the nth degree, maybe even “8X” what we deserve!  A perfect example of exactly why we’ve been loving on this dude’s music & videos for the past couple […]Read More

Klacc1315 – “My Way” Feat. 4nUptheScx / “Klacc & Mudd”

Klacc1315 – “My Way” Feat. 4nUptheScx / “Klacc & Mudd” Feat. Muddy Kasino & Boogotti Kasino – Singles Review Brought to you exclusively by N.T.A Records – if you’re into your Trap y’all, pay attention to what artist Klacc1315 is cookin’ up for ya.  “I’m the real deal, no opponents,” as you’ll hear for yourself […]Read More

Fangbanger – “Light Switch”

Fangbanger – “Light Switch” – Single Review Well would ya look at that…talk about spoiler alerts, bringing up “Light Switch” by Fangbanger at Spotify reveals a whole plethora of Emo/Punk/Alternative lists where you can find their music posted up online.  So I guess we know what we’re in-store for here, long before even pushing play…and […]Read More

Rob Massard – “Shine Your Shine”

Rob Massard – “Shine Your Shine” – Single Review Okay Rob…I’m into it brother-man, you got me onboard. While it’s fair to say that anything with a ‘Progressive’ label to it is always going to have one heck of a time trying to figure out what the ‘single’ could be from any album…I feel like […]Read More

DawgGoneDavis – “Love’s Boss”

DawgGoneDavis – “Love’s Boss” – Single Review “By day DawgGoneDavis is a IT Project Manager, by 5pm she is on the stationary bike in the driveway going nowhere fast, and dreams up fun Rap, Hip-Hop…”  #KindaHasThatSuperheroRingToItDontYaThink? Alrighty folks…I’m back in the saddle, freshly moved across Canada, back at home in beautiful British Columbia for the […]Read More