Month: <span>August 2022</span>

Delra Harris – Vibe

Delra Harris – Vibe – Album Review If you knew what I knew, then you’d know that there’s no way Delra Harris is gonna let you down with his music whenever this dude releases a brand-new record.  Stoked to have this dude back in action! “I’ll never forget you,” Delra sings on “Walk With Me […]Read More

nasmore – “When Will I Learn” Feat. Cris Hodges &

nasmore – “When Will I Learn” Feat. Cris Hodges & Neil Taylor / “When Will I Learn” (The Story) – Singles Review Alrighty nasmore…let’s have this one out here.  All-in-all, there are lots of positives to be found within this set of 2-for-1 singles, a full-scale production of “When Will I Learn” with guest stars, […]Read More

Pidgie – “Just Breathe”

Pidgie – “Just Breathe” – Single Review I tell ya folks…time sure flies sometimes.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was introduced to the music of Pidgie on the single “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” – but as it turns out, that was actually back in […]Read More

RGT – “Here To Stay” Feat. Kayrae & Rittz

RGT – “Here To Stay” Feat. Kayrae & Rittz – Single Review Well this works!  I’m honestly not sure if I’ve heard a song that’s any easier to like this year than this is. Fantastic energy in this collaboration between Electro-music producer RGT, singer Kayrae, and rapper Rittz to be found on this single “Here […]Read More

Toby Tune – Layers Of Light

Toby Tune – Layers Of Light – Album Review Short and sweet y’all…Toby Tune gets how to do Electro music right & keep ya comin’ back for more. “Abstractions” kicks things off, and if your ears are on straight, it should immediately get ya interested and engaged.  Personally, after having a solid listen to this […]Read More

God Analog – “Annihilation”

God Analog – “Annihilation” – Single Review We’ve been slowly shifting into a really cool part of music’s history that is actually still savagely new to us.  While there are actors & comedians & others out there hocking their image for several bucks per minute on sites like Cameo, the artist community is gravitating towards […]Read More

VII Of WANDS – “Astro Therapy” Feat. Kristen Gradwohl &

VII Of WANDS – “Astro Therapy” Feat. Kristen Gradwohl & Edoardo Gastaldi – Music Video Post One massive, hugely enthusiastic thumbs UP to this atmospheric & melodic GEM right here y’all. The truth is, I probably would have felt that way about the song on its own to begin with – the fact that it […]Read More

Maine SFSG – “FREE”

Maine SFSG – “FREE” – Single Review Mannnnnnnnnnnn videos are gettin’ GOOD this year y’all! For realz…I pretty much sat here with my jaw on the ground watching this latest vid from Maine SFSG – this whole cut is an exercise in GOING THERE.  Where you ask?  To a place that most artists & bands […]Read More

Wingspeak – College St.

Wingspeak – College St. – EP Review The upbeat vibe & carefree sound of Wingspeak reminds me a lot of one of our favorite names around these pages of ours…Jana Pochop…or her band as onetwothreescream…you’ll get what I’m talkin’ about once you have a listen to the College St. EP.  There’s a bunch of things […]Read More