Fruut – “Bleached” / “Plants”

 Fruut – “Bleached” / “Plants”

Fruut – “Bleached” / “Plants” – Singles Review

Fair to say there’s always going to be a market for a sound like Fruut’s got, and more often than not, a legion of Pop fans out there waiting to follow an artist that’s “still boyish and pretty.”  According to the ol’ internet, Fruut’s new single “Bleached” features the “new voice” – which is…well…that’s kinda awesome ain’t it?  I only came with the one myself personally, and it’s been pretty boring for the most part – I didn’t know we were allowed to have two, or I might have decided to have a different one as well!  So right on Fruut…make the magic happen my friend…new voice, old voice…just as long as you’ve found YOUR voice as an artist, believe me, you’ll always get my support when it comes to makin’ music.

Anyhow…”Bleached” sounds good!  I can hear the relevance here for sure – folks out there love this kinda jam, and I’d suspect they’ll have no problem at all lovin’ on what Fruut has come up with on this single.  From what I can tell, it looks like this whole career is around three years old or so…but for a track this early on into a career, Fruut should be proud of the sparkle & shine you’ll find it pumps through your speakers.  Built on an impressive amount of accessible sound and hooks that are guaranteed to catch your attention & have y’all singing along, Fruut has great balance between the verses and chorus here…quite honestly, there’s a whole lot of appeal in every moment of “Bleached” when it comes right down to it.  Solid Electro/Pop vibes…all-in-all, I think the biggest credit we can give Fruut here, is that the song itself would have no problem at all makin’ every bit as much of a memorable impact on the people listening out there as the video itself will – and that’s honestly sayin’ a LOT!  Fruut’s got a great onscreen personality to go with the music being made…and ultimately, in the realm of Pop/Soul/R&B, it’s something you pretty much need to have in some way, shape, or form if you’re gonna be successful with it all & establish longevity in a career.  We all listen with our ears, yes – but there’s no doubt that within the world of anything-Pop, being stylistic & having a few dance moves to go along with a great sound of your own certainly ain’t gonna hurt, you feel me?  So yep…I’m sayin’ that a stylistic video like the one you’ll see for “Bleached” will definitely go a long way in supporting a single like this – this cat’s got a whole lot of piercings, tattoos, and a super genuine smile to go along with it all…everything stacks up strong together, and clearly demonstrates the reality behind everything you see & hear, which is that Fruut has the genuine desire and WANT to be an artist.  Sounds like something you’d figure everyone comes with that ends up on these pages of ours, but I assure you that’s not the case, and it counts for a lot in this world I’m livin’ in…I think as viewers & potential audience members, it’s something we really wanna see…it’s crucial in fact when you’re considering building up that crowd for the next set of shows.  All-in-all, “Bleached” proves that a video doesn’t have to be overcomplicated to make a great impression on ya…it just needs to have something we can sincerely connect to, and Fruut’s got the vibe to make that kind of magic happen…there’s something about this artist that you genuinely want to cheer for.

If “Bleached” has the “new voice” – I suppose the single “Plants” from 2021 features the old one.  I don’t know what the heck my role here is supposed to be…I guess I tend to listen more for style & skill than I do the specific tone when it comes right down to it.  Singers do what they do, and they do it all the time – what separates the great ones from the good ones, can all be measured by who’s doing what they can to suit the needs of the song itself.  If that requires a different tone, different approach, different rhythm, different flow, different whatever the F…then DO THAT, because it’s the needs of the song that matter most in the art of makin’ music.  Anyhow…I’d reckon there’s a reason or two that “Plants” is up there at the top among the most successful cuts in Fruut’s catalog to-date…it’s a freakin’ great song with a ton of hooks in it, and an even wider degree of accessibility as a result.  Smooth groove, stylistic vibes, great vocals, tight beat…there’s attitude, swagger, finesse…all that stuff you wanna find in a great Pop artist.  “Plants” has got that X-factor as a song, no doubt about it…the songwriting is extremely clever, and the whole cut flows as fluidly as water does y’all…Fruut glides along the beats & bars of this track without hesitation, and delivers on a wildly accessible & appealing dose of audible fun worth turning UP for.  Relevant beyond any words I could possibly write…”Plants” is continually closing in on the million-hit mark day by day…make no mistake y’all, a song released only a year ago is still plenty fresh and theoretically still making the rounds & catching on…don’t be surprised when you catch “Plants” still making moves on charts & playlists out there, no matter when you end up reading this review here.  Fruut’s got great ideas, relatable & real lyricism, and a sound that speaks volumes on behalf of an artist that’s looking to create cuts on that next-level…accessible yes, but still different enough to stand out.

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