Month: <span>August 2022</span>

Paul Denis – “Magic Eraser”

Paul Denis – “Magic Eraser” – Single Review I don’t think you’re gonna run into this scenario often, or ever again for that matter…this new single “Magic Eraser” by Canadian artist Paul Denis is actually FORTY YEARS in the making.  Believe me when I tell ya…you look at the length of the song just shy […]Read More

Sidney Breedlove – “Take It Low”

Sidney Breedlove – “Take It Low” – Single Review Hot damn!  Sidney Breedlove is on his way straight to the top with this single while you “Take It Low.” Credit where credit is due y’all…I’m pretty sure I would have been completely into this cut based on the hooks alone, but when you put the […]Read More

Lette Weaver – “Toxic”

Lette Weaver – “Toxic” – Single Review H-Town in the house!  #Respect! Lette Weaver is going to have no problem making her mark in Hip-Hop…not only does she have a sound of her own, but if you read about her online, you’ll find a seriously determined artist ready to do things differently than the rest.  […]Read More

The Machete – “THE MACHETE” (Live At Victorious Festival 2021)

The Machete – “THE MACHETE” (Live At Victorious Festival 2021) – Single Review These crazy cats have found their way back here once again eh?  #NoComplaintsFromMe  #WelcomeHome Good lordy…it was way back in…2016 that we first started listening to The Machete?  Really?  Heck ya to longevity!  Stoked to see these dudes are still out there […]Read More

Stray Tablet – “Jagged Edge” / “To Fish And Fish

Stray Tablet – “Jagged Edge” / “To Fish And Fish Again” – Singles Review Theoretically, I have no idea if there’s enough time left in this one lifetime I’ve got to figure out what the heck is really happening in Stray Tablet.  I tell ya, for music that I’d probably consider to be…hmmm…I suppose ‘polarizing’ […]Read More

Brooke Surgener – “I Hate You The Least”

Brooke Surgener – “I Hate You The Least” – Single Review Can I just say how I love that the artwork for this single came labeled with “I Hate You Spotify?”  I’m pretty sure if you try to log into my account right at this very moment that’s probably my password there.  Oh the things […]Read More

Spencer Goldman – “Breakthrough”

Spencer Goldman – “Breakthrough” – Single Review So…hmm… Alright…a “Breakthrough” might be a bit of a stretch in terms of how ‘new’ this song might sound stylistically, but let’s not forget that breakthroughs can come in many forms.  According to what I’ve read, good ol’ Spencer here hasn’t released any tunes since 2019 as he […]Read More

Radio Drive – One Breath Away

Radio Drive – One Breath Away – EP Review I remember when I first started showing my wife the music from the catalog of tunes I put together over the years, and she’d ask me about this song or that song as we’d listen, wondering about what the titles might be…I’d tell her to listen […]Read More

Carole Sylvan – “Something Goin’ On”

Carole Sylvan – “Something Goin’ On” – Single Review I could list this fine lady’s credentials and keep us here all week if ya like…the easiest way to put it is that Carole Sylvan has pretty much recorded with everyone under the sun at this point in time.  A born star, she’s connected to huge […]Read More

Befoureye – Guilty Birthdays

Befoureye – Guilty Birthdays – Album Review I’m pretty sure this is the first story I’ve ever read where heading down to Florida cleared someone’s mind and set them on a path towards a better future.  Welcome to the life of rap artist Befoureye, where that exact trip was what he needed to turn his […]Read More