Month: <span>June 2021</span>

Sarah Rae – “Poison Ivy”

Sarah Rae – “Poison Ivy” – Single Review I like you Sarah Rae. From what I can tell, she’s a fearless warrior on the front-lines of music, and a genuinely creative artist.  I don’t know if it was the extra time that kicked in during the pandemic, or if she simply got back around to […]Read More

Adam Marino & Alexandra Shephard – “Oh, Babe”

Adam Marino & Alexandra Shephard – “Oh, Babe” – Single Review Alrighty folks…this is my first experience with the music of Adam Marino.  From what I’ve read online, the man is a “born singer, entertainer, and songwriter” – and from what I can hear on this new single “Oh, Babe” featuring Alexandra Shephard, I feel […]Read More

Nick Almighty – “All Praise”

“Since my arrival, I ain’t had no rivals.” “Nick Almighty bars make the track cry uncle!” – I could pull quotes from this dude all day long y’all – he’s got all the skills to back up these bold claims, 100%.  “All Praise” has the man hittin’ those bars in full-effect, puttin’ the rhythm straight […]Read More

Robert Houk Hitchcock – “Fountain Of Living Waters”

Robert Houk Hitchcock – “Fountain Of Living Waters” – Single Review A good man he most certainly is, and he sounds just as excellent. I’d be hard pressed not to love this latest track by Robert Houk Hitchcock given just how much he reminds me of my favorite band of all-time on this new single […]Read More

Made By Engineer

What is Made By Engineer?  Good question! According to what we know so far, it’s a “channel about the miracle & mysterious world of digital content – everything that surrounds us nowadays” – and hey, who can’t benefit from learning a little bit more about that & being more informed, right?  The intro video created […]Read More

Pandu Hutomo – “Insane”

Pandu Hutomo – “Insane” – Single Review Hmmm… …am I not just about to tell ya a whole bunch of stuff you already know, Pandu Hutomo?  “Insane” came out back in 2019 and it’s in the six-digit category for the amount of hits and spins it’s gotten during the time since its official release…so clearly […]Read More


While I’d never claim to have any superpowers, or even the cool-ass ones we’ve got on this planet like synesthesia – the reality is, I feel the music you all make.  BROCK included of course.  Happy, sad, mad, or otherwise, generally speaking, I’m right there with y’all no matter how far away I might be…and […]Read More

Yann Sella – “Fire & Gold” Feat. Jenny

Yann Sella – “Fire & Gold” Feat. Jenny – Single Review OKAY! A single like this makes me realize it has been FAR TOO LONG since we last had the talents of Yann Sella on our pages over here.  It was actually back in 2019 that we last posted this dude’s work for a remix […]Read More

Mark Baughman’s Working Theory – No Prophet Here

Mark Baughman’s Working Theory – No Prophet Here – Album Review For those that seek out more in the music they rock, we salute you. I’ll be real with ya as always – Mark Baughman’s Working Theory’s latest record No Prophet Here is built on a whole array of intrictate musicianship, Progressive tendencies & involved […]Read More

Breadwinner Kane – “Shooters” Feat. Boosie Badazz

There is…more flash, gold, ice, thick chains, and bling than you’d find in most jewelry stores in this one video alone… Let’s be real here – the man goes by the name Breadwinner Kane for a reason y’all.  “100K stashed in the couch – we ain’t never ever seen a drought,” as the man will […]Read More

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