Month: <span>June 2021</span>

Gaby Michel – “What Would Dolly Do?”

Official Press Release Gaby Michel’s Brand-New Single Is A True Inspiration To Us All – “What Would Dolly Do?” Is Available Online Now! When the world shifted into isolation during the pandemic era – Gaby Michel searched for new ways to bring us all together.  At first, her comeback to music was born out of […]Read More

Jared Mancuso – “Break Me”

Jared Mancuso – “Break Me” – Single Review I’d be pretty much lyin’ to ya if I didn’t say I was somewhat expecting perfection when pushing play on Jared Mancuso’s new tune – especially in reading about it beforehand & learning that he was continuing to dive right into the throwback Alt-vibes he was exploring […]Read More

Josée Allard – “All Night Long”

Josée Allard – “All Night Long” – Single Review Hmmm…I can fully get behind a switch in sound or style any time, but are we not doin’ the accent thing anymore with the é in Josée?  I mean…I’m stickin’ with it…I don’t just up & change my ways until I’m on at least my fourth […]Read More

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