Nick Almighty – “All Praise”

 Nick Almighty – “All Praise”

Since my arrival, I ain’t had no rivals.

Nick Almighty bars make the track cry uncle!” – I could pull quotes from this dude all day long y’all – he’s got all the skills to back up these bold claims, 100%.  “All Praise” has the man hittin’ those bars in full-effect, puttin’ the rhythm straight into his rhymes with intensity and supreme focus.  He tells ya straight-up that he’s gonna “kill this shit” before you’re even fifteen seconds into his latest single – and there’s no denying that he delivers on exactly what he promises.  “All Praise” is verifiable verbal proof of his slick lyrical ability and reveals a stellar mix of swagger & stylistic flow that flexes serious finesse loud’n’proud, large & in-charge, start to finish.  HUGE hooks, tight low-end beat, and a genuine star with an X-factor that can’t be ignored – Nick Almighty goes hard on “All Praise” and brings it to the mic with amped-up precision & powerfully gripping energy – don’t get yourself caught sleepin’ on this – check out his latest video & single below!

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