Month: <span>June 2021</span>

MTP – “Have Nots”

Look the fuck out homies – MTP is about to take over the scene this year. Mind you, to be fair, a quick look online will reveal this dude’s been kickin’ ass for quite some time already.  Being my own first experience with the man’s music & all, as the video for his latest single […]Read More

Laine Lonero

Interview With Laine Lonero SBS:  Laine!  Welcome to our pages and thanks so much for your time my friend.  Stoked to talk to you about this brand-new tune of yours called “How Far” too!  I feel like mixin’ it up here a little bit to start…I usually toss something out like the whole ‘who are […]Read More

The 29ers – Old Machines

The 29ers – Old Machines – Album Review What’s this now?  Something about a leather shop? I tell ya folks…some of the best tunes you’ll find out there come from sources you’d least expect in this lifetime…like right here, we’ve got a band of good ol’ jam-session pub patrons turned pro, goin’ all the way […]Read More

Kootenay & Co. – Damaged Goods – Collaborative EP

Kootenay & Co. – Damaged Goods – Collaborative EP – EP Review Exciting times, exciting times. If you’ve been reading about the music of Kootenay & Co. here on our pages through our posting on the single “Far & Long Gone,” or read our interview with this project’s main centerpiece Jordan Kootenay from earlier this […]Read More

Rockford Road – 60 Grit

Rockford Road – 60 Grit – Album Review Way back in grade nine, it was pretty much mere weeks into my math class that it was discovered I was gonna fail that year, and likely fail hard.  Though MORE math was never gonna be the answer, that was the route we all collectively chose for […]Read More

No Serial Killer – No Serial Killer

No Serial Killer – No Serial Killer – Singles Review/Album Sampler Betcha there will be more than one typo in this review! That’s right – we’re starting this off with an inside joke.  Kind of. If you haven’t read the seven page review I published here last week on the music of No Serial Killer […]Read More

Merit Maker – Attitude Is Everything

Merit Maker – Attitude Is Everything – Album Review Heckin’ rights it is.  Attitude Is Everything Merit Maker, you’re completely right about that. Especially in the realm of anything-Punk…without any attitude, ya may as well fold up your tent & just go home…it’s easily the most defining trait & characteristic of the genre for those […]Read More

Soda Cracker Jesus – “Drug My Soul”

Soda Cracker Jesus – “Drug My Soul” – Single Review “Stumbling down the rabbit hole…”  #Accurate! Let’s be real here – when have I not been absolutely willing to follow an artist or band right down that blissfully warped rabbit hole?  If you’re looking to do things differently than the rest out there and embrace […]Read More

Serious Matters – “Glitches”

If you cup your ear to the wind at just the right angle, chances are you’ll hear a rumbling that traces all the way over to the core of its source, in Union Beach, New Jersey.  What you’re hearing is the sound of Serious Matters getting ready to break outta isolated quarantine days & start […]Read More

SBS Podcast 124

We’ve got a whole lineup of artistic innovators and sonic warriors for ya on this week’s episode of the SBS Podcast – come check it out!  We’ll be spinning brand-new music & talking about the latest from Serious Matters and Sarah Rae, in addition to rocking tracks by D.Ni.L, The Shikes, SlimDali, Thelonesomekid, Smoking Martha, […]Read More

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