Month: <span>June 2021</span>

Sean Waterman – Devices

Sean Waterman – Devices – Album Review Meat.  And Potatoes.  Simple. Watching my peers out there online attempt to contort this album’s title into some kind of clever tag line that works has been…oh I suppose both sad & interesting.  When it works, it works – none of these did, but I mean sure, do […]Read More

June Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Well look at that will ya?  Nearly twenty whole subscribers!  In just six short months! Who said it could be done, right? Did we feature your music at the SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles in June?  You don’t even know, do you? We have endless faith in this project & know it won’t stay […]Read More

Erik Odsell – Human

Erik Odsell – Human – Album Review When I originally first reviewed Erik Odsell’s music back in 2016 with the release of his debut record Searching For Lost Boys Island, it was impossible to deny the man had himself a very strong connection to music and was definitely heading into a verifiable career as an […]Read More

SBS Podcast 125

Whether you’re up late-night like we are, or it’s the first thing in your morning – there’s no better time than right now to get some of that good-good independent music in ya!  Join us on this week’s episode of the SBS Podcast and hear about the latest happening in the music of Christina Wells, […]Read More

The Crossing Crew – River Radio

The Crossing Crew – River Radio – EP Review Well now…someone has been busy, haven’t they? Some folks have the advantage of a great band name…sometimes it’s a song title or two…sometimes it’s just all-out unforgettable music that makes you remember them…sometimes it really hasn’t been all that long since you last heard something, and […]Read More

Mz. Tulip – “Ladies Anthem” Feat. Alicia Cinnamon, Fat Joe,

“We got that T&A to make ya stand at attention.”  #Yup! Let’s be real here – this is a mission fully accomplished.  Mz. Tulip loaded up a collaboration with all-stars, and you get a killer cut stocked & loaded with quality bangin’ from the lefts to the rights…and certainly onscreen in the video itself, no […]Read More

Race Against Fate – “Luck”

Race Against Fate – “Luck” / “Luck (Acoustic)” – Singles Review Well here’s a blast from the proverbial past! It’s been more than a minute since we last had Race Against Fate on our pages here…it actually traces back about a couple months shy of four years to the last review in 2017 with the […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 153

Come watch a brand-new live set out of the vault and check out West My Friend from back in 2015 at the Acoustic Emporium – and stick around for a spotlight on the latest record by The Music Therapy Experiment & a bonus video from I, Useless on SBS Live This Week! To find out […]Read More

The Music Therapy Experiment – Art and Science

Official Press Release The Music Therapy Experiment Has Released Their Brand-New Record – Art and Science Is Out Now! From the moment they released their debut record Genus Equus back in 2017, the duo of Mark Christianson and John P. Kline, entered into an entire realm of inventive instrumental sound with limitless potential and possibilities.  […]Read More

The Battle – Degenerate Era

The Battle – Degenerate Era – Album Review Probably best you just go ahead and circle the date of July 10th right now, so that you don’t miss the official release of The Battle’s third record, Degenerate Era this year.  I’m just saying…if you somehow make it all the way to December in 2021 & […]Read More