Breadwinner Kane – “Shooters” Feat. Boosie Badazz

 Breadwinner Kane – “Shooters” Feat. Boosie Badazz

There is…more flash, gold, ice, thick chains, and bling than you’d find in most jewelry stores in this one video alone…

Let’s be real here – the man goes by the name Breadwinner Kane for a reason y’all.  “100K stashed in the couch – we ain’t never ever seen a drought,” as the man will tell ya himself…best believe that BK stays 100% focused on bringin’ that bread home, just as his name implies.  Dude hits this beat with solid confidence and hard-hitting bars – and his featured homie Boosie Badazz levels-up the energy with supreme intensity with a gritty tone to his voice & menacing vibes strong enough to take your lunch money from ya.  Complete with a stellar hook in the chorus to give “Shooters” stellar balance in every area, and supported by an edgy video that speaks volumes on behalf of Breadwinner Kane’s entire crew – the new single from the upcoming Street Certified EP is verifiable proof that this collaborative effort can spit it raw, unfiltered, and real…and in the process of detailing the story of the daily grind, the reveal how they come out winning every time.  Check it out for yourself and give “Shooters” by Breadwinner Kane featuring Boosie Badazz a spin below yo!

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