Pandu Hutomo – “Insane”

 Pandu Hutomo – “Insane”

Pandu Hutomo – “Insane” – Single Review


…am I not just about to tell ya a whole bunch of stuff you already know, Pandu Hutomo?  “Insane” came out back in 2019 and it’s in the six-digit category for the amount of hits and spins it’s gotten during the time since its official release…so clearly I’m assuming Pandu already knows that he’s got himself a solid tune here.  For real – don’t just take my word for it, because you don’t need to – no matter what I write down here today, there are six-digits worth of listeners out there from all around the globe on Spotify alone that’ll have no problem confirming this dude has got a verifiably single-worthy cut with “Insane” for ya if you like.

But sure, I have no issues with reiterating all that.  “Insane” is stellar – and I imagine that won’t change.

The bottom line in telling ya any of this is that there’s never a bad time to promote a good song – don’t get me wrong, I’m more than stoked to have Pandu Hutomo on our pages – but it is also somewhat important to note he’s already gone far beyond this single right here.  As in, yep – “Insane” is a great cut from two years ago – but there are at least another ten cuts that Pandu has put out online since then.  As to what’s got him revisiting the past here with “Insane” I do not know – it might be as simple as making sure this artist from Southeast Asia has given this single the opportunity to travel the world.  Like I always say around here…sometimes a song is completely new, sometimes a song is just new to me – but if you or I haven’t heard it yet, then what stops it from really feeling like an all-new experience, right?  Besides ALL that, is an even simpler fact at the heart of it all – Pandu Hutomo rocks, straight-up.

For real – chances are, a great many of you will feel like I do about this track and have no problem at all turning it right up where it belongs, loud’n’proud.  The instrumentation of “Insane” immediately catches our interest through its colorful collage of sound, and it won’t be long at all afterwards before you likely feel that the fragile-meets-intense energy of Pandu’s vocals might even go on to steal the whole show.  Dude’s got a robust & complete style that’s bold, vibrant, and lively – and he’s got a remarkable understanding of how to use the dynamics of his songwriting completely to his advantage.  You’ll find “Insane” doesn’t hesitate when it comes to finding the balance between hooks that hold up strong and instrumentation that makes a significant impact on us – you get an incredible dose of both, and the end results speak volumes on behalf of what Hutomo is capable of achieving with the music he’s making.  Essentially, for an Alt/Indie-Rock track, you’ll find there’s a lot more involved here than in most tunes from the genre…from the complexity of the layers of competent musicianship, to the multi-layers of emotion on display between the vocals & the words that Pandu is singing – there’s literally & audibly plenty to keep you engaged & entertained, and Hutomo makes sure to never let his foot off the gas in that respect.  Whether “Insane” shifts into softer terrain for a mellow moment, or has Pandu amped-up and rocking at full strength – it’s clear he knows how to get to the heart of a song’s maximum potential.

Dude actually reminds me a ton of a band that I loved from the independent scene back in the day from my own home in British Columbia…they were called Doubting Paris.  Unfortunately, they never got quite far enough off the ground to have the band continue on – but keep in mind, sometimes it’s simply a matter of timing…some bands & artists are ahead of their time when they find their way into the scene, and even then it still comes down to exposure and being willing to put the work in where others won’t.  As in, if you have to keep promoting your tunes two years later like Pandu Hutomo is here with “Insane” to make sure every one of us around the globe has heard it, then it’s completely worth the effort is you’re still out there & willing to rock.  Doubting Paris might have missed their time…maybe they didn’t make the effort that was required…honestly it’s hard to say.  All I know is that was years & years ago now, and if I’ve got Pandu Hutomo here to take its place, you’re not gonna find me complaining at all – this guy is more than capable of carrying on a sound I already loved and evolving it even further through his own unique & expressive style.  The hooks of “Insane” are wildly strong on their own – you can hear that Pandu’s got the right ingredients in his songs to begin with – but give the man some real credit where credit is due – it’s the way that he performs this single with such focused intensity, powerful melody & authentic passion combined that gets the absolute most out of it, and proves that Hutomo’s got a genuine gift for this whole music thing.  “Insane” is wall-to-wall solid – I’m stoked to hear more.

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