Month: <span>August 2019</span>

Lucid Ending – “Twenty Miles”

Canadian Alternative-Rock eh?  Don’t mind if we do! Always rad to meet a fellow band from the motherland.  Lucid Ending are based out of Edmonton, Alberta…and…hmmm…rocking much harder than we typically associate the province’s music with!  Keep in mind, this is the same Alberta that’s host to the infamous Calgary Stampede and its Countrified-scene each […]Read More

Rizon – “Nevermore”

Rizon – “Nevermore” – Music Video Release/Review If you’re up on your game & savvy to the scene, you already took the opportunity to check out the new single “Nevermore” by Switzerland-based band Rizon earlier on the SBS Podcast when we played the song this morning and gave you a solid introduction to’em, loud’n’proud on […]Read More

SBS Podcast 075

LOTS of changes coming to SBS!  Jer @ SBS takes a timeout on this episode to share the reasons as to why & fill ya in on what’s going on.  In the process – you KNOW we’ve got tons of awesome music for ya along the way.  Catch music from Thelma Ball, Freemoor, The Brilliance, […]Read More

Betweenzone – Time Has Come – The Remixes

Betweenzone – Time Has Come – The Remixes – EP Review As we head into a completely all-new chapter of our own history here at SBS shortly this summer and I begin to head into a cocoon of self-doubt & excitement to recharge & refresh our ideas & approach, I couldn’t be happier to end […]Read More

Mutlu – “Lifeline”

Mutlu – “Lifeline” – Single Review “We need a lifeline before we drown.” From what I can tell, the man sure ain’t wrong. An uplifting vibe can be a genuinely powerful tool in music…you partner that up with a message and something authentic to say, and you’ll probably find the recipe for what fuels the […]Read More

Heavy AmericA – “Motor Honey (Peace)”

Heavy AmericA – “Motor Honey (Peace)” – Single Review Savage riff! What a rad beginning to the brand-new single “Motor Honey (Peace)” – you’ll get another dose of this awesomeness on the guitars later on in the solo of the song around the 2:15 mark.  Don’t get me wrong, the rest is pretty damn good […]Read More

My Little Morties – Drops Mic And Screens At Mic

My Little Morties – Drops Mic And Screens At Mic On The Floor.  Legend – EP Review Perception is such a funny thing. Within mere hours of this new record from notorious musical villain My Little Morties coming into my inbox, I received a message from whatever or whomever is behind this stuff…it read: “are […]Read More

Mutlu – Singles

Mutlu – Good Trouble Album Sampler – Singles Review I mean…let’s face facts here…you’re doin’ A-OK out there with your music if you’ve got the legendary John Oates on speed-dial & willing to collaborate. Apparently, that’s what’s up.  Mutlu Onaral has established quite the reputation of the course of six released records and shared stages […]Read More

Cry-O – “It’s The Way”

“It’s The Way” we like it here at SBS – got some of that good-good digital mayhem for ya! Cry-O is crushin’ it with this powerfully mechanical beat & intense melody goin’ on in this new single “It’s The Way” – for you audiophiles out there, the sounds you’ll hear will more than satisfy your […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 116

Blistur is on SBS Live This Week! Via video-interview and audio-awesomeness! Straight from location at the Daytona Beach Bike Rally, Chris, Neil, & Steve from Jacksonville Florida’s Rock band Blistur take on questions from Jer @ SBS in an all-new episode of the show – and you KNOW we got music!  EXCLUSIVE tunes in fact, […]Read More