Month: <span>August 2019</span>

Melotone – “Big Clothes And Discos”

Melotone – “Big Clothes And Discos” – Single Review I feel like… …I feel like I’ve probably been waiting for Melotone to come along longer than they’ve probably been around for as a band!  That’s probably more on me for being old than them being new, for the record. But I remember going to this […]Read More

Scott Kirby – “Simple Life”

Scott Kirby – “Simple Life” – Single Review Great Scott! I’m sure he’s never heard THAT before…probably only every second day of his entire life… Still…it’s what the kids out there would call #truth or ‘facts’ these days…I pretty much have that thought jump into my head whenever I see Kirby’s name jump back onto […]Read More

Almost Owen – “We Out Here”

Almost Owen – “We Out Here” – Single Review Summer just got a whole hell of a lot hotter! Almost Owen has got himself a single that’s bound to scorch up the playlists & charts out there this season – “We Out Here” is two-minutes & six-seconds of pure fun for the sun y’all.  I’ve […]Read More

Robert Frier – “Magic”

This right here?  This is how you get it DONE y’all! In less than a minute’s worth of time, Robert Frier makes the most of every second.  What we’ve got for ya here is just a sample of the “Magic” you’ll find in this artist – the full-length cut is nearly five-minutes long, which essentially […]Read More

Emmanuel Dalmas – Soundcloud Songs

Emmanuel Dalmas – Singles Review The perennial man of music returns! As many of you regular readers know, one of my not-so-secret joys in life is discovering a new set of Emmanuel Dalmas tunes on my playlist.  I mean it!  I ain’t lyin’ to ya!  There really aren’t that many artists like him out there […]Read More

Amal Saber – “Azin Ino”

Amal Saber – “Azin Ino” – Music Video Release/Review Alrighty folks – by now you should be plenty familiar with the name Amal Saber already!  You might have heard her latest single “Azin Ino” on the SBS Podcast – or maybe you tuned-in earlier today to check out her video on the new episode of […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 115

One of our most requested sets comes out of the vault – it’s Nixie from back in 2013!  From back in our studio in BC during our first five years, we invited them on out to come rock – and they sure did that!  The in-house PA system was literally never the same…busted beyond repair […]Read More

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