Mutlu – “Lifeline”

 Mutlu – “Lifeline”

Mutlu – “Lifeline” – Single Review

We need a lifeline before we drown.

From what I can tell, the man sure ain’t wrong.

An uplifting vibe can be a genuinely powerful tool in music…you partner that up with a message and something authentic to say, and you’ll probably find the recipe for what fuels the heartbeat of many of your playlists out there.  As I’ve often said here at the pages, artists & musicians, independent or mainstream, solo or full-bands…they’ve all got a platform to use for a greater good if they wanna.  I’m not advocating that everyone out there should step up to that challenge…some people have it in them – like Mutlu does – and others…well…let’s just say there’s a reason that the world is filled with songs about chicks & cars.  Unfortunate but true…not everyone has something to say, or the courage to say it.

Most importantly perhaps of all…is when you choose to speak up.

I invite you personally, to listen to the words of Mutlu on “Lifeline” below.  I think you should hear them.

With the stomping beat & claps that come along with “Lifeline,” Mutlu marches us forward towards a better tomorrow.  Make no mistake…that marching-beat…that…boots-on-the-ground & shoulder-to-shoulder feeling you get from the vibe he’s created here is no accident folks – that’s brilliant songwriting and understanding the right approach to get the message across.  In short…you could assume those boots are our own…we’re all one on this planet – Mutlu gets that, and he expresses that through both the music & words on the lead-single from his new album Good Trouble.  There’s no doubt about the socially conscious terrain he’s treading into here on “Lifeline” – but what I think will really connect with the people out there, is that he’s not being pushy, he’s not being overtly political – he’s being human.

Let’s face facts…if you can’t connect with being human for some reason, there’s probably a problem.

All jokes aside, it is what I mean.  Mutlu’s not shouting down his wisdom at us from atop his guru-mountain – he’s right there, willing to stand with us on the frontlines of change through his art and music.  The understanding, empathy, humanity, and sincerity is all 100% authentic – you can tell by the words he’s written and the way he sings them, that what he’s singing about, is certainly real for Mutlu.  If you’re listening closely beyond the shiny sounds & uplifting atmosphere in the music, and you’re really hearing those words of his…you’ll also understand quickly that, what he’s written about applies to us all.  “Lifeline” is a call for unity, healing, togetherness…a little bit of common sense & calming down…maybe we might not be able to go back to the normalcy we once knew, but we can definitely stabilize this floating rock we’re all living on & get along a whole lot better than we are.  We can be better…and we will.  You gotta recognize leadership when you see it, wherever it may be…there’s advice scattered all throughout our world in the strangest of places you’d never expect – and sometimes it’s right in front of our eyes & ears like you’ll see in the personality of Mutlu onscreen, or hear in his words on “Lifeline.”

Truth & love is well worth the struggle” – so sayeth the main man himself…and again, he ain’t wrong.  From the words to the music to the vocals, Mutlu’s literally & audibly at his best here, shining a light on what’s more important now than perhaps ever before, and all the while givin’ ya a cut you can’t help but groove along with.  Really smart songwriting & effective design…arguably, you could call this a minimalist track with a maximum message in many ways – there’s not a ton happening in the music you’ll hear, but I can promise ya that, every single piece, note, and tone he’s added in along the way suits & serves the song, 100%.  Dude knows what to put into a tune to grab our attention, knows how to keep it with substance & relevant content we can certainly relate to, and the uplifting thread of hope that surges through the sweet melody he’s created on “Lifeline” is never suppressed; in fact it’s thriving.

Really impressed with what I’ve heard from Mutlu’s new record Good Trouble – if you haven’t had a read of the previous review we did on a handful of singles from the album, make sure to check that out by clicking here.  And then once you’ve done that & you’re fully up to speed, of course head on over to Mutlu’s main website and find out even MORE – and you can do that here at this handy ol’ link:

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