Month: <span>August 2019</span>

Zion Antoni – Singles

Zion Antoni – Rains: The Sion Collection Album Sampler – Singles Review I mean…I’m gonna assume Zion’s well aware he’s rapping way over most people’s heads out there. Call it the results of having a whole lot to say.  Zion Antoni’s working within the conscious-Hip-Hop framework…dude raps clearly & confidently with precision and his words […]Read More

Wade Elliott

Wade Elliott With over a decade of experience performing & entertaining the people live from the stage in projects like Southern Maryland’s legendary cover-band Spoiler Alert – Wade Elliott refined his style & sound playing shows night after night as he established himself firmly within the local scene.  Knowing there was still so much more […]Read More

Gleodream – Feel / Loss

Gleodream – Feel / Loss – EP Review Here’s what I love about the style of Future Garage music like you’d hear in Burial’s brilliantly textured material or in Gleodream’s stunning new EP…you really gotta have the chops & skills to pull your weight in this genre, because there’s ultimately damn near nowhere to hide.  […]Read More

Jay Jai – Vibes

Jay Jai – Vibes – Split-Single Review If you’ve ever heard the quiet dude speak up out of nowhere, you know the impact that can make.  Constant chatter is one thing, but having the courage to contribute when it’s less expected always makes more of a difference…or at least that’s the theory I’ve gone with […]Read More

Thelma Ball – “Shy & Unappealing”

Thelma Ball – “Shy & Unappealing” – Single Review In the first quarter of this year, we were introduced to London’s Thelma Ball for the first time through their incredible single/video combo for “I Could Be Happy” – and in that very review, you’ll find plenty of praise for the kickass sound this band has.  […]Read More

SiNSATiON – “Sleeping Death”

SiNSATiON – “Sleeping Death” – Music Video Release/Review How’s about a lil’ “Sleeping Death” to wake you up & blast you outta bed this morning? Y’all know me…if you’re into it, I usually am too, no matter the genre, no matter the style.  It doesn’t even take ten seconds into this new single/video from SiNSATiON […]Read More

Fresh Centurion – Singles

Fresh Centurion – Fresh Centurion Album Sampler – Singles Review Ladies & gentlemen we sound like we are on real solid ground with this band from Belgium right here.  Fresh Centurion sounds determined to kick ALL the ass, and this kind of gritty rock with ultra-smooth hooks is pretty much exactly what I’m in the […]Read More

Mr Bombay – “Doing What I’m Doing”

Hittin’ the mic and hustling stacks of cash – Mr Bombay is making the most of his daily grind, and like an alchemist with his words, he’s turning his music into gold.  But you knew that already – if you were savvy enough to have watched the last episode of our show SBS Live This […]Read More

TonAsh – “Beast” / “Crazy” Feat. Judah Tha Lion

TonAsh – “Beast” / “Crazy” Feat. Judah Tha Lion – Singles Review A “Beast” on one cut and a Lion on the other…sounds “Crazy” right?  Let’s do this thing. He’s a man that nearly needs no introduction on our pages at this point, artist TonAsh has been making moves on our pages all year long […]Read More

Midnight Lands – “Catch And Release”

Midnight Lands – “Catch And Release” – Single Review Here’s a guy that knows his way around the studio! If you look at the credits for Midnight Lands, you’ll find this project is centered around the musical vision of artist Ben Averch…who…appears to be responsible for just about this side of everything other than the […]Read More

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