Betweenzone – Time Has Come – The Remixes

 Betweenzone – Time Has Come – The Remixes

Betweenzone – Time Has Come – The Remixes – EP Review

As we head into a completely all-new chapter of our own history here at SBS shortly this summer and I begin to head into a cocoon of self-doubt & excitement to recharge & refresh our ideas & approach, I couldn’t be happier to end on the greatest of notes with a whole EP built around a song I’ve loved for well-over a year since it came out, Betweenzone’s “Time Has Come.”  We’ve met an entire universe of amazing artists & bands at our old homestead…Betweenzone is certainly included in that incredible list of those we’ve had the opportunity & honor to listen to from the place we’ve known & loved for seven years – and even though we’ll be leaving that community, we’re stoked to serve the independent music-scene in a whole new way, on our own, once & for all, pass or fail…the “Time Has Come,” as they say.

Anyhow!  This review isn’t about us or where we end up next…we’ll be around, one way or the other.  I’ve been down…but I know we’re not out yet, not by a long shot.  The “Time Has Come” for us to rise to the occasion and find new avenues of success, and so we shall; but before we head off to that next adventure, I’ve got an EP stocked FULL of a song I love, in three new brilliant versions that hit the mark.

And I’ll admit…as excited as I was to receive the Time Has Come – The Remixes EP, part of me was wondering how on earth an artist or band, or Betweenzone in this particular scenario, would improve on what’s basically perfection already!  Have you HEARD the original version?  C’mon people – it’s one of my absolute favorites, if not my favorite song from the Betweenzone catalog!  So part of me, was equally scared of pushing play here…don’t get me wrong, they’re a fully reliable band and have been for years now…but the thought of…I dunno…somehow damaging my love for the original was definitely a thought that came through my mind as a potential possibility.  I’m all for a song living separate lives – heck, I’m sure I even encouraged them at some point to send this one out there to every DJ & remixer out there in the world – and I’m pretty good at keeping all those experiences separate from the rest.  As in, I can listen to a remix or a cover and not have it factor into how I feel about the original song – in MOST cases.  I’m still human…just like all of you out there, those songs we cherish most, the ones we hold closest to the vest, the tunes that are truly special to us…we all tend to get a little more amped-up about protecting those moments and I’m no exception to that rule.  I figured…as long as Betweenzone didn’t somehow backtrack the existing awesomeness of “Time Has Come” out of the mix somehow, then they’d at least be on solid ground and I could accept it all.  Chances are, I knew I might not dig any of these variations as much as I love the original version, but if those golden hooks were still on display, there would always be a gateway into this single-turned-EP from the Germany-based Betweenzone.

I’m super proud of these guys…because they’ve absolutely nailed this in every way.  To the point that, I honestly couldn’t tell ya that I DO in fact, prefer the original version anymore after listening to this new EP – any/all of these variations & remixes are easily equally as entertaining, or perhaps even more-so; and that’s no small accomplishment, as I’ve outlined here for ya.  What that speaks to, undeniably, is the strength of what’s been a bulletproof song from day one – “Time Has Come” is the kind of song with hooks so strong, that no matter what spin you’ll hear on the sound, this track continually engages, connects, and warrants repeating.  I can’t even begin to describe what a serious treat it is for the ears to receive THREE more versions of a song you love when it all hits the mark like this and sounds this awesome.  Each variation has its own style, sound, & merit…and every one of them is worth your time.

For REAL – massively impressed.  There was obviously a damn good chance I was going to dig the fresh lives of a song I already loved…but I’m positively sure this exceeded any of my wildest expectations.  The “Time Has Come (American Pop Version)” slows things down a bit, increases the clarity, draws out the melody & vocals in the most spectacular ways, and offers the first remarkable glimpse into the new mixes of this track on the latest Betweenzone EP.  Freakin’ genius is all I can think, every time it comes around to the 2:30-ish mark and the song breaks down, the vocals echo gorgeously, and then they slide right back into the smooth-groove they came from, bringing us back to the hooks from verse to chorus.  You get a real opportunity to spend time with the lyrics of this beautiful & exceptional, single-worthy song in the “Time Has Come (American Pop Version)” – and words like these deserve the attention they’ll get.  The vocals in general, get a real chance to step right into the front of the spotlight in the way they’ve remixed this version…certainly no objections from my ears; I love the way they sing this song and the gentle sway they put into the “(American Pop Version)” really hits the sweet spot, spot-on.

The “Time Has Come (Diamonds From Space Mix)” might very well be my favorite of the bunch…again, it’s extremely hard to say and almost wrong to choose a favorite when each version is THIS GOOD!  Being a melody-guy, I’m inclined to say the “Time Has Come (American Pop Version)” is probably the most suited to my own playlists personally…but each time this “(Diamonds From Space Mix)” came on, I couldn’t help but get right into the blissful digitalized energy they’ve got goin’ on here.  The energy, sparkle, shine, glitz, and glamour are all raised up even further in this version, with a club-beat backing it all up to give it that extra advantage of authentic party-sound from the lefts to the rights in a stellar mix.  I think what’s likely most impressive to me is just how much good-times and party-vibes they really have put into the “Time Has Come (Diamonds From Space Mix)” – it is STOCKED from beginning to end with’em!  Considering how heartfelt, melodic, and naturally sincere the original version is, and how successful this song thrives inside of a whole different set of emotions & energy like this, is truly impressive, no doubt about it.  Accenting Funk-guitars are on-point…the beat is relentlessly enticing…and the vocals quite honestly, continue to be the most engaging part, every single time!  Once again pointing to a noteworthy performance and an all-out exceptionally well-written song, “Time Has Come” flexes its original strength at the core of every mix here, but comes out sounding so remarkably fresh in the news like you’ll find it wearing on the “Time Has Come (Diamonds From Space Mix).”

Betweenzone STILL pours it on!  One last version on their new EP of “Time Has Come” – this one is the “(EBM Remix)” – and no surprises at this point & true to the intentions & ambitions of this record, it offers yet another whole different dimension of sound & complete twist on the tune we love.  Almost with a hint of Post-Punk or early Industrial-Pop…you can hear how this would fit right in with some of your catalog from The Cure, Joy Division, or Depeche Mode – and again, appreciate just how far away they’ve come from the originally sunny disposition this melody of theirs had at first!  They surge like neon into the dark here, glowing & radiating with enticing & electrifying results, delivering a moody variation on “Time Has Come” that seems to make the entire tune feel like it has even more meat on the bone than it felt like it had on any of the more Pop-style or pepped-up versions.  A lil’ something for the alternative-crowd out there…a lil’ something for those that dig their synths supplyin’ the sound…a lil’ something for those that appreciate stunningly stylistic & artistic design – the “Time Has Come (EBM Remix)” gives your speakers some serious bounce, a heavier vibe to the original emotions, and a whole new atmosphere to make its impact.  It’s amazing the difference a sound can make to a set of lyrics – but listen to the way that this final mix seems to almost shift the entire meanings of the words compared to how they came out in the more upbeat variations you’ve heard – really rad when that happens, and it certainly gives you yet another reason to keep on listening.  Like you’re running short on those somehow lol!  You kidding me?  Doesn’t matter which version you click on, this song is 100% as good as it gets in every form you’ll find it in – and that’s because the original work of Betweenzone was so ridiculously strong as steel to begin with.  Every one of these mixes proves you can’t hurt steel – each variation gives you a whole new dimension of depth and another twist on a single-worthy track that seemingly can’t go wrong – I love everything I’ve heard here, and even with four versions in total of this song out there now, you’ll never find me ever getting bored of this tune.  If THAT doesn’t fully explain just how amazing “Time Has Come” in all its versions really is, I don’t have the words to do it.  Just listen!

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