SBS Podcast 075

 SBS Podcast 075

LOTS of changes coming to SBS!  Jer @ SBS takes a timeout on this episode to share the reasons as to why & fill ya in on what’s going on.  In the process – you KNOW we’ve got tons of awesome music for ya along the way.  Catch music from Thelma Ball, Freemoor, The Brilliance, Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra, Webs & Marionettes, Jack Of None, and Rockie Brown – and stick around right to the very end (obviously!), because we’ll fill you in on what’s been happening with Switzerland-based band Rizon before the show is over & play their brand-new single “Nevermore.”

Tons of reasons to tune-in & turn-up as always!


Your official show lineup includes:

Mad Lollypop – “Escape Yourself”

The Brilliance – “Oh Dreamer”

Webs & Marionettes – “Saturday”

Thelma Ball – “Shy & Unappealing” / “I Could Be Happy”

Freemoor – “Alive”

Rockie Brown – “Get Gone”

Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra – “And The Walls Have Ears”

Jack Of None – “Michigan Ex Machina (She Wasn’t Me)”

Rizon – “Nevermore”

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