Cry-O – “It’s The Way”

 Cry-O – “It’s The Way”

“It’s The Way” we like it here at SBS – got some of that good-good digital mayhem for ya!

Cry-O is crushin’ it with this powerfully mechanical beat & intense melody goin’ on in this new single “It’s The Way” – for you audiophiles out there, the sounds you’ll hear will more than satisfy your cravings as they leap from the speakers and straight into your SOUL.  That’s RIGHT people…step up!  It takes some genuine cajones to make it through this cut without all the lights on…the textures creep & crawl all over ya while the electric pulse of this cut continually makes an impact with its lively bounce.  Any which way you slice it, Cry-O’s got this single engineered for high-energy entertainment & all-out gripping sound you can’t take your ears off of!  Factor in the trippin’ video supporting it with all the badass visuals floating around onscreen as this song is kickin’ with its metallic rhythm & groove…and what else can be said?  You know this is the kind of uniqueness that’s right at home here on our pages – this is one seriously wild & imaginative track from Cry-O that we’re stoked to feature here up on our site – follow us down the rabbit-hole and check out the new video for “It’s The Way” below!

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