Month: <span>August 2018</span>

Randall Lee Richards – “A Heartbreak In The Making”

Randall Lee Richards – “A Heartbreak In The Making” – Single Review Indeed…there just might be. We arrive at the infamous crossroads once again…do we credit Nashville for creating another flawless tune or do we get enraged about Nashville for creating another flawless tune…50/50 odds here at best. It’s one of those situations where it […]Read More

Pro Audio Online Store Canada: GearCity

Gear City Definitely a go-to site when it comes to all your electro-needs & DJ equipment! If it wasn’t all laid out so well at their main website, it’d be totally overwhelming – these guys carry it all!  From top of the line DJ controllers & professional mixers, to those necessary audio-interfaces, lighting equipment and […]Read More

CJ. – “Craving”/”Be There”

CJ. – “Craving”/”Be There” – Singles Review There’s a LOT going right with these singles and with this artist – I’m impressed. Rapper CJ. has great chemistry on the mic and puts an intensely personal rhyme together on “Craving,” which was my first introduction to his music & first impression of his material.  From the […]Read More

Crypto Kade – “Reach”

HOT Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrz y’all! Crypto Kade is KILLIN’ it on his latest single “Reach” – let’s just say the man clearly knows his way around the m-i-c.  A wordsmith in full-effect, Crypto Kade puts wicked energy into his vocals & lyricism with insight & observations that lineup perfectly with the effects and scenes of the brand-new […]Read More

Major Moment – “Before It’s Too Late”

Major Moment – “Before It’s Too Late” – Single Review Stoked to have this band back in the mix so soon! If you can remember all the way back to a whole ten days ago, you’ll likely remember the band Major Moment from our review on their tribute to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park with […]Read More

Sofia Evangelina – “I Want You Back”

Sofia Evangelina – “I Want You Back” – Music Video Release/Review C’mon now – we’ve ALL got time for this song don’t we? Young artist Sofia Evangelina has chosen well here with a cover of the Jackson Five’s massive hit-song “I Want You Back” – a release that’s coming just ahead of her full album […]Read More

Jared Mancuso – Hype!

Jared Mancuso – Hype! – Album Review Word on the street from all my peers out there is that Jared Mancuso seems to be single-handedly restoring Rock’N’Roll back to its esteemed glory.  Seriously…these are some worthy pulled quotes if I’ve ever seen’em in a bio!  Given that I almost never fully agree with anything they’ve […]Read More

Betheezy X Mando Mac – “Ain’t Tryna Hear It”

Just because these two emcees “Ain’t Tryna Hear It” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t turn this up!  Join Betheezy & Mando Mac as they air out their grievances on the m-i-c and dissect what’s REAL and what’s GOOD in life.  A lot of what’s real & what’s good happens to be smokin’ blunts – you know […]Read More

G.T. – “Cheddar”

G.T. – “Cheddar” – Single Review “All I know is paper.” I don’t know why G.T. sells himself so short…he clearly knows rappin’ too – so that’s at least two things. We’ll ignore the math and assume he probably knows a few more things as well…but it’s also fair to point out that the man […]Read More

Mikkee – “The Coldest Girl”

“What’s cooler than being cool?  ICE COLD!”  Let us not forget the words of the immortal Outkast. Versatile artist Mikkee gets it!  While he might have been burnt somewhere along the way by “The Coldest Girl” alive – what’s a better way to get your revenge than by turning tragedy into inspiration, music & art […]Read More

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