Sofia Evangelina – “I Want You Back”

 Sofia Evangelina – “I Want You Back”

Sofia Evangelina – “I Want You Back” – Music Video Release/Review

C’mon now – we’ve ALL got time for this song don’t we?

Young artist Sofia Evangelina has chosen well here with a cover of the Jackson Five’s massive hit-song “I Want You Back” – a release that’s coming just ahead of her full album coming out just around the corner.  Sounds like she’s got a great thing started with the upcoming record, which has ten cover tunes on it and then originals planned to be released as well shortly afterwards; all-in-all, it seems like Sofia has a massive amount of support & enthusiasm growing around her music already, for plenty of justified reasons.  She’s already been all over stages throughout Canada and won numerous talent competitions – and I think it’s plenty clear in this video for “I Want You Back” that she’s got what it takes to succeed.

Now…talent competitions aren’t something I’ve personally entered myself, but I’ve judged them in real life and I’m also relentlessly addicted to watching many of them on TV.  Watching artists of all ages go for their moment in time is forever going to be one of the most fascinating glimpses into our souls that we’ve ever come up with or been allowed access to witness – and it’s bright shining stars like Sofia that are the reason why that is & what makes those shows so amazing to watch.  You can see how naturally performing and singing come to her through the way she acts onscreen in the video for “I Want You Back” and how comfortable she is with her talents already.  The confidence is there, the capabilities are there, the energy, enthusiasm, passion – you can see it all, and you can hear it as well.  Like any young artist out there, there’s still plenty of room to grow and develop her skillset even further – but that’s always a great thing in my opinion, especially in an artist like this that clearly WANTS to make music her career.  Bottom line is she’s got all the right ingredients in the recipe for success already and proves that with resounding confidence & clarity on this new single.  She can definitely sing – she displays a wide range of notes, beautiful melody in her tone, and much technique already for such a young age; she brings personality and charm to “I Want You Back” and gets the essence of the heart in this song to stand-out right in the spotlight.  It’s lighthearted, it’s FUN, it’s inviting to listen to the vibe she’s got goin’ on in this acoustic-based setting – and the video supporting “I Want You Back” directed by Dmitry Popov brilliantly reflects that carefree youthful spirit perfectly onscreen.  Really smart & clever twists on the audio for the video including the ambient sounds you’ll see in the visuals within the music at times…you’ll notice a beach wave or two, dogs howlin’ and all kinds of other fun additions to this song that create a fantastically uplifting vibe when combined with what we see onscreen on “I Want You Back.”  Designed to put a smile on your face – Sofia could warm the hearts of the nation with the sweet spirit she has – she does a terrific job on this cover of “I Want You Back” and is clearly on her way to even more amazing things in the bright future she has to follow.

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