Month: <span>August 2018</span>

Showtime Shegz – “Don’t Touch My Creps”

You can learn something new at these pages every day!  Like today for example…if you ain’t rockin’ the word ‘creps’ out there in your regular vocab, you’re about to be!  Showtime Shegz is gonna put the rhythmic hooks into his vocals & rhymes and make sure this single gets stuck in your head yo!  You […]Read More

Leo Salom – “Kiss You When We Fight”

Leo Salom – “Kiss You When We Fight” – Single Review No issues here, Leo Salom has put together a solid electro-jam for the late-night hours.  Mind you, I’d listen to this any time of day & have no problems doing so – it just so happens I’ve been checking this cut over the past […]Read More

Three AM Fuxk – “Cy@”

Three AM Fuxk – “Cy@” – Music Video Release/Review Well one thing is absolutely for sure – I’ve got to spend a lot more time in Estonia apparently!  I dig nature, I dig smoking weed, and I dig chilling out & watching ants after I’ve BEEN smoking weed – so from the looks of things, […]Read More

Armonite – And The Stars Above

Armonite – And The Stars Above – Album Review There is almost no comparison to be made here, no relatable experience, no words to justify just how much I love what I hear in this band and on this record – this is absolutely one of the best of the year. And The Stars Above […]Read More

SBS Podcast 053

Back with more tracks to heat up your summer – you knew we couldn’t stay away for long! Join us on another sonic adventure with music from Abandon Paris, One Girl Symphony, Sun.Set.Ships, EMPRA, School Friends, The Yellow Dress, Josh Christina, Aminita Satori – and a spotlight on the music of Armonite with a double-shot […]Read More

Paul De Leon – “Criminals”

Paul De Leon – “Criminals” – Single Review Interesting.  My notes here mention something about how Paul De Leon has morphed his sound into a more mainstream-type of Indie sound.  After listening to the singles he’s put out in the past…I suppose I get where he’d be coming from…somewhat.  Truthfully, you can hear this guy […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 098

Keepin’ it gritty & raw for ya – we’re unleashing another set of LIVE music out of the vault for the SBS Live This Week First Five Years series, this time reaching way back to 2013 to see Lung Flower take the stage for the first time with their then new-singer Tyler Mayfield, who went […]Read More

N.A.M – “RA”

Take a trip and go on a verifiable sonic adventure through the new electro-mix from N.A.M! The latest single is called “RA” – a textural aural experience that’ll make your brain dance and your body move.  Laced with wild ideas from the lefts to the rights, N.A.M brings an innovative & skilled approach to the […]Read More

Major Moment – “Leave Out All The Rest”

Major Moment – “Leave Out All The Rest” – Single Review This is how you do it.  This is how you pay a proper tribute and show your respect at the same time. The story is tragically far too often the same.  Someone we love, admire, & respect in the world of music leaves us […]Read More

21 Grams More – Demos

21 Grams More – Demos – Singles Review Ok!  Now here’s some music with some serious style! You know I tell ya like it is – so believe me when I say from the moment I heard the first cut called “Wine From Water” I was already ready to give this band the green light […]Read More

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