Month: <span>August 2018</span>

Nicole C – YouTube Singles

Nicole C – Singles Review Reading about Nicole C and checking out the all the music she’s released over the past several years tells a slightly different tale than the one you might read here today.  A songwriter, a composer, a musician – she’s taken on all kinds of different styles & sounds, she’s a […]Read More

Daniel Sima – It’s Cool, I’m Chilling Sampler

Daniel Sima – It’s Cool, I’m Chilling – Album Sampler/Singles Review Alrighty…let’s find out what this emcee has got in-store for us all when he drops his new mixtape called It’s Cool, I’m Chilling…which according to what I’m seeing on social-media…should be coming out real soon-like – apparently later on in the very month we’re […]Read More

Low Life Luke – “Cold Blooded”

With a stylistically smooth & chilled-out vibe, rapper Low Life Luke is making some real noise out there in the scene where he’s based out of Co. Kildare in Ireland – and now he’s ready to take his music straight to the people online round the globe in 2018.  Flexing big hooks in the melody […]Read More

Annalisa – “Skywaves”

Annalisa – “Skywaves” – Single Review Watch out for this one…Annalisa has got the goods. As I’m sure I’ve commented here on the pages many times, one of the best things about being a music-review/journalism-dude is the ability to listen to the future of music before it even arrives.  I’m privileged to listen to amazing […]Read More

Believe Over Hope – “Letter From Heaven (Remix)”

Official Press Release Believe Over Hope – New Single “Letter From Heaven” Featuring Sheena Lovia Available Now! The energetic burst of sincerity & faith in Believe Over Hope’s brand-new EDM remix of their single “Letter From Heaven” featuring the talented Sheena Lovia is guaranteed to warm your hearts & bring the heat to your speakers […]Read More

Believe Over Hope

Believe Over Hope Devoutly spreading the joy of His word through the proud proclamation of their faith through the beauty of music – the contemporary worship band Believe Over Hope is a strong call to all those that embrace Jesus as their true Lord & Savior.  Through their dedicated efforts in all areas of Christianity, […]Read More

Peter Senior – “Cool Ride”

Peter Senior – “Cool Ride” – Single Review Okay Pete, you got me. First of all, I’ve never had a press release try and seduce me before…so there’s that.  I mean, I’ve had plenty that have attempted to entice me to listen…but this was next-level – that’s a sexy write-up brother!  Charms the pants off […]Read More

Pure AV – Audio Visual Rentals Toronto

Time to take those amazing ideas you have to the next level – with Pure AV! Whether it’s a public-speaking event at your upcoming mega-conference or company gathering, whether it’s a crucial tradeshow for your business that success depends on, or whether you want that next concert or show to become the memorable moment in […]Read More

Muammar Muhammad – “One Option”

Muammar Muhammad – “One Option” – Single Review Really excited to let this cat out of the bag yo! I’ve had my eyes/ears on Muammar Muhammad for some time now…you might recognize him in fact from his time spent in the Swano crew playing in the band backing singer/songwriter Imani Wj Wright through songs we’ve […]Read More

Mary Knoblock – Desert Spade

Mary Knoblock – Desert Spade – Album Review The infamous looper returns!  Mary Knoblock, aka DJ MEK, back in the house, here at our pages, and flowing through the speakers – life is good I tells ya.  It was about…11 months since we last checked out her music in review through a handful of singles…which […]Read More

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