Betheezy X Mando Mac – “Ain’t Tryna Hear It”

 Betheezy X Mando Mac – “Ain’t Tryna Hear It”

Just because these two emcees “Ain’t Tryna Hear It” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t turn this up!  Join Betheezy & Mando Mac as they air out their grievances on the m-i-c and dissect what’s REAL and what’s GOOD in life.  A lot of what’s real & what’s good happens to be smokin’ blunts – you know we’ve got love for that here.  They keep the vibe hazy, rhythmic, & straight swaggin’ throughout their latest collaboration/single – they’ve also got a killer vid edited expertly by A.D Film$ – check it out for yourself and have a look/listen to the new cut “Ain’t Tryna Hear It” below!

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