Month: <span>August 2018</span>

Young Orpheus – Distant

Young Orpheus – Distant – EP Review Love the way this record begins…a real smart transition into the vocals leads the way into the new Young Orpheus EP on a song called “Concrete” as the man flips the tape on over before he brings it to the mic.  It’s one of several qualities you’ll find […]Read More

In The Stars – Singles

In The Stars – Singles Review From the handful of singles I’ve got here from LA-based band In The Stars, it’s clear that bringing the rock right to the people is priority number-one.  I’ve got love for that.  I’ve had a scan of what I can find out about them online, social-media pages & whatnot…I […]Read More

Donny Blanco – “Grab ‘N Go”

Effort like this deserves to be rewarded.  Versatile rapper Donny Blanco takes you through a twisted tale of life & love in a brand-new single/video that houses about ten-song’s worth of ideas brilliantly inside this one experience.  You know what that means y’all – there’s somethin’ for errrrrrybody on “Grab ‘N Go” – check it […]Read More

King Noire – “Radiator (Steel & Stilettos)”

King Noire – “Radiator (Steel & Stilettos)” – Single Review Make no mistake homies, this man fucks. In all honesty I’m trying to figure out if I just heard a supremely badass new Rap track or a straight-up commercial advertisement for King Noire’s big D & how it can supply you ladies out there with […]Read More

GREYE – “What If I”

GREYE – “What If I” – Single Review Sometimes you can’t help but see a piece of information or comment out there that catches your eye.  When I checked out the lead-single “What If I” from GREYE’s latest record Under The Weather, I happened to glance at a couple of contrasting comments that indicated a […]Read More

Tough On Fridays – “Let Down”

Tough On Fridays – “Let Down” – Single Review Context matters. When I last wrote about the music of Tough On Fridays back in July when we reviewed their single “The Waywards” – that was my first experience with the duo from Georgetown, Texas.  I’ll fully admit that as a music-reviewer dude, I don’t always […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Girl Pusher”

Love Ghost – “Girl Pusher” – Music Video Release/Review Stick with these guys…there’s definitely awesomeness at work here. At the very least, you KNOW you’re in for something completely badass when you look at a band’s social media pages and in the first two ‘artists we like’ you find listed – BACK-to-BACK – are Alice […]Read More

SBS Podcast 056

Grim Singmuf on the m-i-c! Come check out the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, full of killer tunes from the independent music-scene and featuring a seriously amazing interview with the one & only Grim Singmuf! Dude’s got incredible things to say to us all and is highly in-tune with the vision for what he’s […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 099

A killer set out of the vault this week and a classic vid from past episodes to keep you company – come get some! Aeterna takes over The Red Room in Vancouver, BC, with a savage set from 2014 – and we’ll follow that up with a cut from Roselyn…which many of you might remember […]Read More

Ray-L – “9ine To 5ive”

If you’re Ray-L right now, you gotta be STOKED about how this video & single have come out.  You will be too. Not only has the man found a wild hook, rhythm & flow to set it off on the mic and shift the stress of the entire work-week into party mode on “9ine To […]Read More